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Title:    '86 4000 CS Quattro Turbo
Price:    2,500.00
Location: Portland, Oregon

Date:     December 03, 2005
Contact:  Peter Lines
Email:    a4kcstq at comcast.net
Phone:    503-502-6612


I have an ’86 4000 CS quattro turbo for sale in Portland Oregon.  It is red with a gray cloth interior.

The car has a turbo conversion using an ’85 5000 turbo quattro engine.  I did the turbo swap about 2 ½ years ago and the new engine has around 20,000 miles on it.  It was a complete top to bottom rebuild performed by a local machine shop.  I used a KH block with piston oil squirters bored out to 81.0 mm to accept the MC-1 forged pistons.  It has the MC-1 cam and MAC-10 ECU installed.  I added a windage tray from the later 20V engine.  Compression was raised to 8.1:1.  It has a 3-angle valve job and new valve guides.  I also installed a newly-rebuilt water-cooled K26 turbo.  I fabricated a custom 304 stainless header and downpipe to the cat.  Other than that, the engine is stock.  I’m running stock boost, etc
  The car is fast and very fun to drive.  I have been running Mobil 1 and German filters changed every 5k miles since the new engine went in.
So far I have not installed the intercooler, although during the swap I fabricated a mounting bracket for it.  It’s really just a matter of having the intercooler plumbing fabricated.  The engine compartment was repainted during the swap.  I also repaired and re-inforced the firewall area around clutch slave cylinder which is a common failure point in these cars.  The battery has been relocated to the trunk to make room for the wastegate.  I did not do any sheetmetal cutting to make the new engine fit other than the removal of the battery tray.
The new ECU is completely wired in and everything works including overboost cut-off, rev limiter, knock control, and the check engine light.  I installed a custom gauge pod on the center dash which includes VDO oil pressure and boost gauges.
At the time of the swap, the engine got new hydraulic lifters, fuel injectors, plugs, wires, cap and rotor, radiator, water pump, timing belt, idler pulley, etc
 in addition to all new gaskets and seals.  I installed the larger 240mm turbo clutch (4kq stock is 228mm), pressure plate, and flywheel.  It has a new throw-out bearing and transmission input seal.

The rest of the car is 9 out 10 mechanically.  It has 233,000 miles on it.  I have owned it since 1995 when it had about 127,000 miles on it.  I have replaced the heater core, the seals on the rear diff, both outer front CV joints, the center driveshaft bearing and u-joint, the rear tranny output seal, both diff lock actuators, all 8 subframe bushings, all 8 lower control arm bushings, all 4 lower ball joints, all 4 upper strut bearings.  It has H&R springs and Bilstien Sport struts.  The ride is firm and it is lowered about 1 inch from stock.  I replaced both rear e-brake cables.  I put new front brake rotors in recently.  The exhaust from the cat back was replaced with a completely new stock (with the addition of custom-304 stainless tips) ANSA system at the same time I put in the new engine.  The fuel pump is probably about 5 years old.  The clutch slave and master cylinders have been replaced as well as the brake master cylinder and proportioning valve within the last 3-4 years.
 About 5 years ago the transmission had new syncros installed for all 5 forward gears.  The speedometer cable is about one year old.

There are a few electrical upgrades I have done.  The first is to install a relay for the headlight switch.  This is to prevent all of the running lights and instrument cluster lights from drawing full current through the switch.  I installed the European code headlights with a new heavy-gauge wiring harness and relays that draw power directly off the alternator.  I installed a fog/driving light switch in the dash and a new relay although I’ve never installed any new lights.  It a Blaupunkt stereo out of ’98 VW GTI which looks nearly stock and a Sony 10-disc CD changer installed under/behind the glove compartment so you can change discs without getting into the trunk.  I installed 4 Blaupunkt speakers about 2 years ago.  The power windows, sunroof, mirrors, door locks, and cruise control all work perfectly.  I have also installed a keyless remote door lock/unlock.  

The interior is about 8 out of 10.  There is a bit of wear on the driver’s seat bolster but all other upholstery is in very good condition.  The dash and console are perfect.  The map pockets in the front doors are in good condition.  There a couple of small nicks in the headliner.  The sunroof works and does not leak at all.

The body is admittedly about 5 out of 10.  There is nothing major wrong with it, but it looks like a 20 year old ski car/daily driver, which is what it is.  There are a few small dings here and there.  The front edge of the hood is missing some paint and has some rust.  The driver’s side rear door and quarter panel were most likely replaced and re-sprayed before I got the car.  The paint on those 2 panels has not aged well and is oxidized off-color.  The left rear quarter panel has a rust bubble on the edge.  If you were willing to fix a few dents and have the car painted, it would be in excellent condition.  The windshield and gasket are new.  I had the stock wheels re-finished with silver powder coat about 3 years ago.  They are in excellent condition except for one curb scratch on the right rear.  I’ve got the original owner’s manual and the Bentley service manual for the car.  I have some original paperwork tracing the car back to the original Audi dealer in Salt Lake City, UT
and another dealer in Santa Monica, CA.  I purchased the car from a private party in Portland in 1995.
More pictures are avaialable upon request.  Thanks for looking and reading my ridiculously long description!


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