[Marketplace] Cars: 1995 A6 Quattro, 5sp, 133k

Richard marketbot at audifans.com
Wed Mar 15 20:15:36 EST 2006

Section:  Cars
Title:    1995 A6 Quattro, 5sp, 133k
Price:    6,200.00
Location: Boulder CO

Date:     December 03, 2005
Contact:  Richard
Email:    jacana704 at yahoo.com
Phone:    303.931.1414


I finally got my hands on a 1999 A8 Quattro (V8 yeah!) so I reluctantly need to sell my 1995 A6 Quattro. (I have no need for two cars and you can only serve one master right) If you live in or near Boulder I may be persuaded to come by on your lunch break to give you a test drive. I want $5300 for the car but would REALLY like to sell it with both sets of wheels. Total would then be around $6200. 

Summer Tires - Kumo 225/45 ZR 17 inch tires on 17 inch rims - $1200, new a year ago
Winter Tires - 185/65 R15 -  Dunlop Graspic Snows Tires on Audi A4 rims - good for another 2 seasons (great in the snow
New windshield $220
New battery
Synthetic oil changed at 135k (she's good till 140k)
New struts - Boge gas (better than the OEM ones that were oil filled) $1000 (she really does handle like a dream up the Boulder Canyon) 
Radiator and brake fluid flush - all fluids are nice and clean
New front rotors and pads at 120k 
Timing Belt Replaced at 119k (she's good till 180k - this is a $1200 job when done correctly - replace tensioners and water pump)
New air filter and plugs about 2k miles ago
Aircon recharged and blows cold
Will get 20 mpg worse case in city and 25 on highway. 
21 gallon gas tank - drive 450-miles on a tank or more. 

There is a little oil leak from where the tranny goes into the engine but it's not worth being fixed because it does not interfere with the clutch (no slippage or heaviness ) and my mechanic told me I can do it when the clutch needs to be replaced which, judging by it's current operation and the observed history of other A6 users this may be quite some time! The car is leaking on the driveway (is worse in winter due to cold metal contracting) but it hasn't done this for about 6 months. The oil tends to drip down and collect on the plastic skid plate under the engine, I will remove it and clean it off at the car wash. It is really not a big deal but just wanted to let everyone know. The car does consume some oil which is normal for a car of this age but it's not something that you're gonna have to check at every fill up but just something to be aware of. The car does not smoke or hesitate at all. 

The front left tire seems to be wearing faster than the tire on the other side so  I just had the alignment done ($45!).  I don't know if this will fix the problem but my mechanic looked at the wear and said that that alignment appeared to be the problem. The car was aligned with the big 17 inchers on so you may want to get it aligned with the snow tires on if you notice wear as they are pretty different in size. I also noticed a little noise coming from the right front of the car when backing out of the driveway but I don't know what this is and I don't feel any shakes or wobble at any speed (0 mph to 100mph+) - she we cruise quite happily at 75-80mph with the snows on and higher speeds with the summer tires on.

Electrics - sunroof needs to be fully opened before it can be closed. (It works fine otherwise) and sometimes when the headlights are left on by mistake the little buzzer doesn't buzz to tell you to turn them off, a few of the dash lights are out (2-3 out of the total of 12) but you can see the dials fine and one side of the speedo looks dime. All the windows work, doors lock, cruise control works etc.


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