[Marketplace] Parts: New Sensors 4K,80,90,5K,1C,A8,RS

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Fri May 26 14:37:30 EDT 2006

Section:  Parts
Title:    New Sensors 4K,80,90,5K,1C,A8,RS
Price:    0.00
Location: Montana

Date:     December 05, 2005
Contact:  Barbie
Email:    justanotherchic at hotmail.com


I have a variety of sensors bought off of a Blau. Auction months ago. These are not usable to this household and I want them gone. PLEASE check the part #'s carefully...Check EKTA if available to you against the Blau. part #'s. In the past descrepancies have been found to exist. This is the only info I gathered on them. If you want an indivdual pix, let me know and I will snap one for you. Most will cost less than $2 to ship in a bubble mailer so, no rip off shipping unless you need it faster. I will take individual offers on each item.    1) Qty 1: Thermo cold start switch 4K 2 pin brown, 15 degree, 8 second. #280 130 219 Screws in to the back of the cyl.head to activate the cold start injector. Deal list: $179 Blau:$74 AutoAz: $45      2)Qty 1:Water temp. sender 80-83 5000T, 82-85URQ White with one pin connector, 125 degreeC, 10x1.0mm # 035 919 501  Deal List:$32 Blau:$20 AutoAZ:$4     3) Oty 1:Air intake temp sensor 1C 93-94 Front wheel drive, 94-98 Cabrio 90, 98-99 A8, 03-04
RS6. A8 & RS6 screws into the throttle body. # 078 906 161  Deal list:$78 Blau:$65 AutoAZ:$34    4)NTS Temp switch sensor Qty:1  VW Jetta 87-88, VW Vanagon 83-85. # 280 130 026  Deal List:$43 Blau:$37 AutoAZ:na      5) Thermo After Run switch  84-92 4KQ,80,90. 50/40C with 2 prong connector.Located on pass. side rear of valve cover near battery. # 443 959 481  Deal list:$60 Blau:$22 AutoAZ:$16


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