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Sat Nov 18 18:41:47 EST 2006

Section:  Cars
Title:    Es2/RS2 coupe quattro
Price:    20,000.00
Location: BRistol, RI

Date:     November 01, 2005
Contact:  Josh Leonti
Email:    livinotte at cox.net


A long story short, is that it's come time to attempt to 
sell my coupe quattro with a 20vT conversion.   For a while there I was going to 
pull the engine out of the coupe and install it in a 1994 sedan however that car 
has been most likely been put on hold and I'm going to focus on the coupe.   I'm 
going to attempt to explain the car on the list, but I doubt I will remember 
everything.    What I'm looking for is maybe feed back from potential buyers?/  
fellow enthusiasts who might think they know how to help me sell the coupe 
quattro.    I'm willing to work with price, and parts avaliable to help sell the 
coupe.    I'm hoping to have a friend help me make a website to better help 
explain the coupe and show pictures etc. 
It's a 1990 coupe quattro with 66,000 miles on the body.   The exterior was 
treated to:  New Rs2 grill, New S2 rear bumper, new Rs2 headlights, New b4 hood, 
New lower side trim, the removal of the rear wiper, the removal of the door 
lock, and the install of audi 90 sedan rear door handles, and also a new 
antenna.   It has a fiberglass Rs2 front bumper, but I may have it swapped out 
for a different bumper.  I've got mixed emotions about my choices when I firsted 
painted the car with this fiberglass bumper.    I have another RS4 style 
fiberglass bumper that may be used instead or possibly I might source a new 
bumper from europe.      It has a Fresh coat of pearl white paint on the car, 
and many of the parts have been color coded to match.     It also has new lower 
interior trim molding. 
The previous owner installed vortrag coilovers on the car.  I forgot the spring 
rates but I believe it's 300 and 350.   I installed new strut mounts, and new 
front sway bar links.   The rear calipers were replaced with new units , and 
braided lines were installed at the time too,  Also there are cross drilled 
rotors on the rear too and new pads.  Also, it has new rear tierods too.   
I have a set of brock wheels that are 17/8.5 with a 13et.  They have polished 
lips and are basically brand new.    The tires are bridgestone potenza So3's in 
tire size:  215/45/17.   They too are basically brand new. 
There is a willwood setup on the front of the coupe but will most likely be 
pulled and the stock brakes installed up front instead.     The Offset of the 
brock wheels will not allow the willwoods to work without spaces.   I tried 
spacers on the front of the coupe but I wasn't happy with the setup.   17/8.5et 
with 13et is a bit too much with spaces.    The stock coupe quattro wheels will 
not clear the willwoods either, however I have a set of audi 90 sedan 5 spoke 
wheels now on the coupe.  These wheels will clear the willwood calipers.  
The engine is a 1994 audi Aby S2 engine from europe.  It has approximately 
120,000kilometeres on it.   The engine is complete with air box, intercooler 
setup, downpipe and european engine harness etc.  A 7a flywheel was used with a 
biturbo rs4/s4 clutch disc and a 200 20v sport pressure plate.   It is basically 
just like the AAN engine except that it was designed for the small chassis 
platform.     The engine motronic setup is stock and so it the K24 turbo.  There 
is a new S2 oil cooler and alot of gaskets.  At the time I didn't replace many 
of the gaskets because everything looked good, but I may do some work on the 
engine while I work on finishing the car. 
The interior of the car is platinum gray.   It has a momo steering wheel and a 
very nice sound system.   I can't remember everything right now but:   Alpine 
head unit, boston accoustic seperates front and rear and a JL audio amp.     The 
battery was also relocated to the trunk of the coupe. 
Extra parts that I could sell with the car: 
New Sigla windshield 
New engine complete gasket set 
two coupe quattro front fenders 
Two coupe quattro doors and windows 
A rear hatch 
Two rear 3/4 windows 
Multiple interior parts 
One extra rear taillight 
Gosh, probably a bunch of other stuff too. 
I'm flexible here.   I have another car which is an audi 90 sedan that I was 
working on building.   However I after alot of thought I suspect it's best to 
get rid fo the coupe first.   I have S2 hubs and A4 rear hubs which fit directly 
on the coupe quattro.     I also have a Set of 17/8 0Z superleggerga with 
225/45/17 inch wheels.   If a potential buyer was interested in this setup I 
could make it happen too.   If that is the case I'd probably leave the willwood 
calipers on the car. 
I will be working on the car this week and going through issues and fixing 
problems.      If there is a buyer out there I'm open to potential comments and 
Including the extra parts (at some point I can figure out everything that will 
be listed) I'd like to get close to if not: $20,000 for the car. 
Please email me privately at Livinotte at cox.net if your interested in the coupe.    
As far as "test drives" and home visits.    I suspect the car will be complete 
and  listed forsale around  January 1, 2007 


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