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Title:    1986 Coupe GT - Survivor
Price:    3,250.00
Location: Provo, Utah

Date:     December 04, 2006
Contact:  Chris
Email:    clydiksen at gmail.com


A Coupe GT Survivor

MORE PHOTOS @ http://www.motorcities.com/contents/06/1986-Audi-Coupe-GT_06KDL221712077.html

See service history below - receipts totalling more than $7k over past 13 years.

Lifetime San Diego car till 10,000 miles ago when I brought it to Utah (in 2005). Very clean car, the cleanest Coupe GT I could find. Crack-free dash, zero rust and the paint looks good from 10 feet. I'd give the paint an honest 6/10. This is my third Coupe. My other coupes were a Diamond Silver 1982 and a Tornado Red 1987.5 Special Build. As Audi 4000 and Coupe GT fans know, these cars are extremely reliable, and quite easy to work on when needed. Parts are also plentiful and cheap.

Besides being a solid, rust-free San Diego car, I've put a good deal of time and money into this Coupe over the past couple years (see detailed service history below). The work that I was not comfortable doing myself was handled by Autobahn Service in Provo, Utah, the best independent shop specializing in Audis and Volkswagens. Since the first time I brought it in, they have been impressed with the car's condition. This is, no doubt, one of the most well-sorted Audi Coupe GTs in existence. The engine, clutch and transmission are solid and tight, with zero leaks. The car now has about 212,000 very well-cared-for miles on it. Everything works on the car, except for the following

- the AM band on the original factory radio doesn't work when cold; also the search and scan are temperamental; I've kept the original radio in for looks mostly.

- I removed the A/C components from the engine bay and sealed up the hoses. I haven't missed it. Removing the A/C creates a lot of working space in the engine bay, and reduces load on the engine and weight from the nose; all of the components are boxed up for the next owner and could be re-installed in a couple of hours.

- I removed most of the cruise control components from the engine bay; diaphragm was shot and as I don't use the car for long trips, didn't need CC, and, again, like the cleaner engine bay

- despite replacing the odometer and then fixing it once, it has stopped again; these odo's are known for quitting. I have an extra instrument cluster, so next owner could repair the odo at their leisure.

- the sunroof worked, but I (as do most other Coupe owners) disliked it so I did what I've wanted to do since first owning a coupe, I sealed the sunroof opening under the panel and above the headliner with waterproof awning material and had the headliner professionally modified to cover over the sunroof hole in the interior. It looks fantastic and provides a quieter ride too. Sunroof can still be removed from the exterior for cleaning. No leaks whatsoever. Also removed and covered the holes for the dome light, grab handles, sunroof mechanism and sun visors (see photos).


Car is in good condition except for the following:

- car was repainted very nicely at one point, but there are several chips (big ones have been touched up). There are also multiple small dings, but no large ones.

- one headlight and both blinker and parking lenses have non-penetrating cracks; front reflectors have been painted with tough semi-gloss black flexible bumper paint.

- both main and lower grills have small chips and cracks, not noticeable unless you are looking for them

- wheels could use a fresh coat of paint, but are straight and true to my knowledge

- windshield washer reservoir leaks, but pump works; needs new grommet

- seats are comfortable, but the cloth is wearing; no holes, previous owner did a rough repair on driver's bolster; I removed piping, but haven't gotten lingering shreds of cloth removed; was planning on replacing/reupholstering seats

- leather on shift boot and parking brake boot is okay, but cracking in places; I condition it regularly

- seatbelt hangers are covered at the factory with black plastic, which is cracking;

- third brake light internal cover snap broke, so it is affixed in place with black electrical tape, which is unnoticeable and is actually somewhat of an improvement as the light no longer filters through the seam

Everything else works, from dual power mirrors, to the power windows (new driver's window motor), to the rear de-froster, heater, dash lights, gauges, etc. Also, I have parts not pictured, such as spare tire, tools and jack, radiator top cowl, etc. Car comes with factory Bentley repair manual and various extra parts.

Date Service Mileage

Jun-93 complete rear brakes (all new parts including wheel cylinder, brake drums, shoes, etc.) 118,891

Apr-97 cv boot, O2 censor, oil change 144,132

Apr-98 timing belt, water pump, all belts, coolant, thermostat, fan switch, oil change 153,175

Jun-98 clutch master and slave cylinder 154,286

Dec-98 cv boot, passenger window regulator, oil change 158,947

Jun-99 major service 164,034

Nov-99 new catalytic converter, oil change and safety service 167,765

Dec-99 Front Brake Pads 168,000

Jan-00 Battery (84 month) 169,000

Nov-00 Oil Change (5w50 Castrol Synthetic) 172,000

Mar-01 Odometer Stops 174,500

Jan-02 New Starter (rebuilt Bosch) 178,745

Oct-02 Oil Change (5w50 Castrol Synthetic) 180,845

Jan-03 Fan Switch (new coolant) 183,470

Mar-03 Platinum Plugs 184,595

Oct-03 replace motor and transmission mounts 186,500

Jan-04 new tires 190,000

Jan-04 tie-rod ends and align front wheels 190,500

Jan-04 Oil Change (15w50 Mobil 1 Synthetic) 190,500

Mar-04 Air filter, ignition cap and rotor, spark plugs 192,500

Dec-04 replace vacuum lines and tighten belts 196,100

Jan-05 Lube, oil and filter 200,000

Feb-05 Oil and filter 200,500

May-05 Bumpers primed and painted (semi-gloss black flexible bumper primer and paint) 201,000

May-05 Engine flush and oil treatment (BG120/BG110), oil and filter 20w50 202,000

May-05 prepped lower body panels for paint (treated any surface rust with Eastwood rust sealing paint) 202,000

May-05 Vinylex to plastic, rubber and vinyl 202,000

Jun-05 painted lower body panels, skirts and bumper trim semi-gloss black 202,500

Jun-05 painted wipers and door handle trim semi-gloss black 202,500

Jul-05 new Bosch alternator (lifetime warranty) 203,000

Jul-05 A/C retrofitted to R134A 203,000

Feb-06 oil and filter, replace tail lights, brake lights, parking lights 206,500

Feb-06 remove rear upholstery, headliner, trim, cleaned windows 206,500

Mar-06 replaced outer CV boots 207,000

Mar-06 bleed brakes, installed speedbleeders on rear brakes 207,000

Apr-06 replaced instrument cluster and cluster lights, flushed cooling system, touched-up paint 207,500

May-06 removed A/C components from engine bay, de-greased and washed engine bay, washed undercarriage 208,000

Jun-06 oil and filter, Mystery brand oil additive, vacuum lines checked and replaced 208,500

Jun-06 replace oil pressure switch, flush coolant, replace cooling thermostat and coolant 208,500

Jun-06 flush power steering fluid, replace with high mileage ATF, removed cruise control components from engine bay 208,500

Jul-06 wash engine bay, fuse check; reconnected sensor on back of engine block, repaired weather seal on doors, re-glued weather seals 209,000

Sep-06 driver's window regulator 210,000

Sep-06 interior panels, headliner, pillars re-upholstered in black Allante vinyl 210,000

Oct-06 new timing belt, water pump, idler pulley, power steering belt, alternator belt, cooling system flush, G-11 coolant, re-paint timing belt covers 210,500

Oct-06 prep and paint rear spoiler with adhesion promoter and semi-gloss black flexible bumper paint; new Bosch wipers 210,500

Dec-06 oil and filter 211,000

Apr-07 new rear wheel bearings; new plugs, wires, cap and rotor 212,000


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