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Title:    Audi S2 conversion
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Location: bristol, RI

Date:     December 04, 2006
Contact:  Josh leonti
Email:    livinotte at cox.net


I'm in the process of somewhat finishing my coupe quattro with a complete motronic ABY S2 engine.  There's alot of things in my life that's happen in the past few years and honestly I'm tired of it all.  I'll try to explain the car as much as possible in this description.  It's a 1990 model coupe quattro with originally 66,000 miles on the car.  There is approximately 80,000 miles on the S2 engine but with alot of new gaskets and parts.   The engine bay consists of:  Aby S2 engine, ABY S2 air box, Aby S2 hoses and one RS2 factory silicone hose.  Also it has the factory ABY S2 intercooler and crossmember.  Also it has the factory ABY oil cooler setup.  The flywheel setup consists of a 7a flywheel, a biturbo RS4 clutch disc and a 200 20v sport pressure plate and a new release bearing.   The front crank pulley is a 7a unit and it's setup for a 7a belt setup.  The allternator is new, the starter is also new too.   There is no AC in the car.  The engine harness is an authentic ABY
engine harness.  The Powersteering is the stock coupe quattro setup with the brake bomb and the hydraulic assisted brakes.  I've had a few issues with it, but I will be working on it in the next week or so to figure out what up with it.  The brakes consist of wilwood calipers with stainless brake lines over stock new coupe quattro rotors.  The rear brakes are new too and they too have stainless brake lines.  The suspension consists of a vortrag coil over setup with bilsteins which is basically the same thing as the ground control setup sold by 2bennett with new upper stock strut mounts.   The body of the coupe has a new b4 hood, Rs2 headlights, Rs2 mirrors, Rs2 bumper grill, S2 rear bumper and a fresh coat of paint on the whole exterior of the car including some custom options (see pictures)  There is a fiberglass Rs2 style front bumper but I've had issues with it and it's got a few cracks in it.  The car was broken into when the previous owner owned it. Instead of repairing 
factory door handles I had the body shop install rear door handles from a 90 sedan to delete the key entry.  An aftermarket alarm system would need to be installed to lock and unlock the doors( I had one installed but something happened and it stopped working so I currently removed it).   The interior is Gray leather and it's in very nice shape.  The previous owner removed all the speakers and radio in the car.   I installed Boston accoustic seperates front and rear and it's got a JL audio Amp and a Alpine head unit.  A total of 8 speakers.  All of the sound system was new at the time of when I installed it.   The battery was relocated to the trunk of the coupe.  However the front engine bay where the battery was removed only has a coat of galvanized primer gray currently on it. there is currently a set of brock wheels on it sized 17/8.5 with a 13et and bridgestone potenza So3 215/45/17inch tires(haven't seen the road).  I have an extra set of pearl white doors and front fend
that would be included with the sale.  Also I have an extra Aby s2 intercooler I'd include with the sale too.  What does it need? Not too much but I'm anal I guess, and at a period in my life where I unfortunately need to focus more on the family business and my family.  My mother died of cancer when I was a kid, and now my little sister's pregnant and i've been help running my father's business for the past 8 years.  Overall I'm kinda overwelmed with life.  I've tried to make things work and i've tried to focus my time appropriately but lately i just don't have alot of time to spare.  What price range am I asking? I'm not sure really.  Depends on how much I can get done on the car in the next month or so etc.  Depends on the potential buyers interest too?   Would I consider a trade? Maybe a partial trade?  Maybe? Would I sell it without parts?  Possibly.  Feel free to email me and chit chat about the car.  Please don't insult me though with low ball offers.  If I get it done
where I'm comfortable selling it.  I'll consider putting it on ebay and let everyone interested bid on it.  However if some one made an offer and I was happy with the offer I'd consider selling it.  I suspect this post will allow me to gauge interest and potentially what I need to do to get it to where the potential customer would be happy with the car.  As far as right now.  I'm not listing my phone number but If I get deep enough into some conversations via email I'll gladly talk on the phone or in person.


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