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Mon Oct 1 08:36:35 PDT 2007

Section:  Cars
Title:    4000 turbo quattro project
Price:    1,500.00
Location: minneapolis

Date:     October 31, 2006
Contact:  aaron
Email:    jungle at hickorytech.net


SO....my plans have change....no not because of a woman, put the flame thrower down!...but I am going into spec racing!  I just bought the race car, so before I go down that road this one has to go! :o

BRIEF history: The car has traded hands several times....the original conversion was done by a shop in the east coast, it was a daily for a long time, it changed hands 2x, then it was sold to a ford engineer in Michigan, who entered it in the Grass Roots Motor Sports Challenge in 2004. The rear doors are welded shut, sunroof deleted, rear class replaced w/ plexiglass, 2.5" cat-less exhaust, ebiach sport springs, and unknown struts. It placed 17th out of 78 cars. His time slips were 13.77sec...not bad for Florida! The chassis has 195k on it, the motor has about 175k, the head has about 50k on it....according to the PO. 

I bought off ebay....got it home and started to ungettho it...I drove it prolly 100 miles before I got sick of chasing down CIS gremlins and the scariest wiring job I have ever seen. I was convinced to go Mega Squirt, so ALL of the wiring got removed. The car is in my garage, and has been on jack stands for over a year. 

It currently wears 16" Kosei K1's w/ Falken Azenis 215/45/16's that still have the nubs on them (alone worth $750). It has had the exhaust mani rewelded, other new bits like tie rods ends, fuel filter, fuel pump check valve, new fuel line ($225), tranny mounts, clutch master AND slave cylinder, stainless steel brake lines, remaned rear calipers from a audi 90 (bigger pistons), front x-drilled bremebo audi 90 rotors (thicker), mintex red box pads, new crank case breather tubes, new windshield, redline gear lube in rear diff & tranny, bunch of new sensors..... An assortment of spares and extras, ie brake calipers, altenator.

I have a new MS box & wiring harness from a MotorGeeker, aeroquip fittings, aeroquip fuel line, injector cups, 8 ford motorsport 42lb injectors, 034efi fuel rail and bracket, Audi I5 windage tray, SAAB FPR, Aeroquip FPR, most of the original CIS stuff. Including the chipped MAC-11 ecu, the igloo, a couple of throttle bodies, two different intake manifolds, the CIS injectors are MIA...The rear seats were tossed, i think the fronts are around, if not I have a very used Corbeau Forza. 

I am sure I am forgetting stuff.... 

I will throw in a junkyard pull Audi 3b 5cyl 20v turbo motor that more than likely has head damage w/ 165k on it.  If you don't  subtract another $200

I am asking $1500 for it, I am loosing a bunch of $$ on it......I will be happy to answer any questions.I have a truck and access to trailer, so we can negotiate transportion if need be.  

previous owners website: [url="http://www.moonpatrol.org/~craig/background.htm"]http://www.moonpatrol.org/~craig/background.htm[/url]

I will take some pictures eventually...don't post any cr at p about the car, it is ment to be a race car, not a car you bring to pick your date or your mother up in.  If you don't want the shell, put the drivetrain into any other Audi 4000, 80, or 90, you can't get the parts this cheap!  I still want to see this car run again....the audi 10v turbo motor is a tank, it will take a big pile of boost, start snooping around www.motorgeek.com and you will see these guys put down some big stupid numbers with not internal work.  For some reason having 5 cars, w/ a 2 car garage, in st. louis park just doesn't seem to work so well! :D



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