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Section:  Cars
Title:    '87 4kQ For Sale - Detroit Zone
Price:    1,800.00
Location: Detroit-ish, MI

Date:     October 31, 2006
Contact:  Robert
Email:    porter_t_dog at hotmail.com


Time to sell my trusty 4kq; I don't have time to work on it any more and needed something with a little more space.   Runs great, cosmetically challenged, very little rust, none structural.  120k mi.   The best winter car I've ever owned!  Had it for 5 years and put plenty of work in.

The Good:  Loads of new parts...
Full suspension upgrade:  Bushings (OEM), bearings (wheel and strut), front tie rod ends, Boge gas dampers, rear diff mounts, higher rate springs from early 90's 90Q.  I really like how the suspension turned out- supple, sporty, with a little extra ride height.  I powdercoated many of the suspension parts while I had them out, too.
New brakes (rotors, pads, lines, fluid.)
New heater core.
New starter.
All radiator hoses.
Trunk seal.
Timing belt, front main seal, cam seal, idlers, waterpump.
Valve cover gasket.
Oil pan gasket.  
Stebro stainless exhaust.
Rewired the cold start injector for manual function with an intermittant pushbutton.
Good tires: Falken Ziex512 on powdercoated rims.

I believe the mileage to be accurate.  The odo did stop on me once, so I removed the O2 sensor countdown bits.
Body is straight with no major (or even minor) hits.  Door dings, well... sure.
Quattro-script interior in good condition considering the age of the car.
Cruise works for the most part.
All power windows function.
Sunroof functions.
Second set of powdercoated rims for winter skins.
Full size and temporary spares.

The bad:
Depending on how you drive, you're going to need a clutch in 2-20,000 miles.  It doesn't slip when it's warm out, but will in the winter in 5th.
No AC.  I pulled the evaporator when I did the heater core and threw it away.
Stereo isn't.  Mono-ish.  Power antenna isn't.
Front passenger window regulator  tore loose from it's rubber bushings.  It's affixed to the door skin with zipties, and while it works ok I only put that window down ~4".
Front difflock function dodgy.  Put a new one it and you'll be golden; the lines are good, and the rear works great.
Paint cosmetically challenged:   This was my city car, so I never did anything for the paint as I wanted it to be stealthy.  If you look at the pictures, you can see 3 spots on the car where I used a mild abrasive polish to show how easy it would be to improve the look.  These spots are: driver front fender/hood edge, driver door top character line, center right of the lovely pink spoiler- each spot got less than 3 minutes of time.   2 hours worth of work with a buffer will net an 80%+ improvement in appearance.  Rust:  The rust visible in the pictures is all surface stuff.  ~3 years ago I ground it and POR-15'd the worst spots, but never topcoated that so the POR15 yellowed.   There is no underbody rust to speak of and no structural rust except for...
The driver's door.   This was replaced with a scrapyard part before I got the car.  It's rusting along the bottom seam and depending on how you treat it will last 2-8 years more.  I've been spraying it with Corrosion-X for ~2 years and that slowed the worm to a level I was comfortable with.
Oil leak:  The front end of the motor is leaking again.  I think part of it is a bad (poorly installed?) cam seal, and part may be that I never sealed any of the bolts that hold the cam belt cover on.  

I have the exterior door trim, and I have the front passenger door armrest.   I may also have some various Audi-spares in a box somewhere that I'll toss in.

The car is a strong runner and a blast to drive especially when conditions go white.  It got 5k oil changes with Delvac 1300s in the warm weather and Rotella 5w-40 in the cold.   I like this car very much- it's my second 4kq, and I'll miss it when it's gone, but I don't have the time to mess with it any longer.  I'd love to sell it to an enthusiast; it'd make a great base for a turbo conversion.

Mail me for bigger pictures; I'll send a link to some I put online.


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