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Title:    1986 Audi 4000 WX 10vt... PNW
Price:    5,000.00
Location: Seattle WA

Date:     October 31, 2006
Contact:  Kyle Thon
Email:    mrfunkyle at hotmail.com
Phone:    360-305-0436


Hey guys... 

I just bought an amazing project car, and i dont have nearly enough time to sort it out. It has the engine from a 1984 Audi urQuattro (WX 10vt).AWD 5 speed. It has a K26 turbo but it is seized. 

For the good stuff!!

WX 10vt engine

Custom intercooler

Custom 2.5'' straight pipe exhaust (not to droney but sounds really good!)

ATS 16x7.5 wheels... Discontinued and rare! curbed up, but straight and round.

Falken Ziex 225/40/16 tires... will last the winter. but eventually need new tires.

Rolled fenders.

2b coils with eibach springs. super stiff. adjustable. amazing handles.

Zimmerman big front rotors. Brembo rears.

Boost gauge (red color matched)

Sony CD player... kinda junky but plays CDs

Interior is SO CLEAN! very minor wear on the driver bolster. The dash has some missing pieces but looks very clean.

Strong Clutch! don't know if its stock or after market but its strong!

The bad...

Currently sorting out the Cold start issue. These cars come with a "6th injector "that shoots fuel into the intake manifold when the car is cold. Im currently in the process of finding out why this doesnt work. It will work before i sell the car.

The car is gutless! the turbo is seized so it feels as slow as a 10v NA motor, however it is tuned to have forced induction. So its even slower. All you need is a turbo.Its extremely easy to get to the turbo and have it replaced... and its extremely easy to find a used/rebuild K26 or K24 turbo for nearly 50-100$ (motorgeek.com classifieds)

The body is really clean for an 86. some small dents. barely any scratches. 

Needs tie rod end... easy fix if you have the tool.

will need an alignment after fixing the tie rod end.

Has stock taillights (smoked)... however with the sale includes a set of V8 all red tails.

comes with an extra grill if you want to cover the intercooler. easy to do. just need to cut it. i personally like the intercooler look. 

Car needs some minor work... but with a turbo it should put down 180whp... 

standalone fuel management through mega squirt can put you up to 300 hp! for only 1000$!!!

my loss is your gain... pick it up!

This is a resonse to a recent email about the car...

The body is really clean and the paint is very good. I do professional detailing and ive kept the paint clean for the last 2 months.
There is a small but noticable dent on the rear passenger door. I nearly forgot it was there. Its a 21 year old car... so not everything is perfect, and with that mentality you tend to forget about the dents. But in this case, i really tihnk that is the only one. Oh, actually there is another small but noticable dent on the rear passenger fender also.
The gas guage (when full) only goes up 3/4ths of the way. But still works fine. once it gets to the bottom it takes about 13 gallons and i believe its a 14 or 15 gallon tank. Everything else works (voltage, temp, speedo, tach, odometer...)i think the car has 280XXX miles but the motor, from what i know from the previous owner, has nearly 130-180 thousand miles. He owned it for a year and bought it from another guy that is from seattle who did the swap. I have his email address and have contacted him personally several times. Never been in an accident.The car would be reliable if the cold start injector worked. It would be an easy fix... just have to get a circuit diagram and find out where the problem is. I believe its had a new clutch... but other than that it hasnt had any problems in the last year. I rewired the trunk (tailights) and resoldered all the tailight wires. Also fixed the AC wiring and it works now. Fixed an issue with the radiator fan. Lots of simple things.

Just got a sintec oil change, new fuel pump, new battery, and new headlights. The car doesnt leak at all... power steering fluid is clean! the diffs are immaculate. I work part time at an oil changing shop... so its good to go. Just the cold start problem. Ive also replaced some silicone hoses and elbows under the hood. Cleaned out the intake boot, and metering plate.

ya...anything else?

sorry about the long response :P

Kyle Thon

shoot me an email... or give me a call.


5000 OR BEST OFFER!!!! seriously.. make me offers.

 even trades (looking to get a 1990-92 audi 90 20v quattro 5speed but i will take a look at what you got)


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