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Scott Simmons marketbot at audifans.com
Thu Oct 11 18:58:29 PDT 2007

Section:  Parts
Title:    Various V8 Parts
Price:    25.00
Location: Western Kansas

Date:     October 31, 2006
Contact:  Scott Simmons
Email:    indischrot at gmail.com


Help me clean out my parts bin!  Some of this stuff may fit other Type 44 cars (the sun visors, e.g.).

Included in this deal:

- Glovebox, grey.  One of the tabs that holds on the handle has broken off.  Handle included.  Otherwise, it's in prime condition.

- Driver's side wiper blade with little wind deflector shield.  Condition is average based on its age: some minor paint issues like bubbling and peeling, but it looks good from 2 feet.

- Two sunroof motors.  One early V8 and one late V8.  The previous owner of my car attempted to wire a late V8 motor into an early V8 car.  The later model has a function to close the sunroof from outside the vehicle.  As such, the connector from the early motor has been cut and crimped onto the late motor.  Late motor works if wired into a late model V8.  Early motor is probably shot but.. I haven't tried it.

- Left and right sunvisors.  The left side has a broken hinge, and thus flops down into your face but is good for parts.  The right side has great hinge, but the mirror is floppy.  So the driver's side was used a lot to block the sun while driving and the passenger was looking at herself while applying lipstick?

- Four window switch holders.  Two left, two right.  Excellent condition.  Sans switches.

- Two oh s#!t handles, grey.  No issues or troubles.  One is missing the little screw cover piece.

- Two V8 headlights:
Left side: the glass is a bit foggy and I think it's on the inside of the glass but I can't tell.  The vertical adjustment ball has broken off.

Right side:  the glass is cracked but hole sealed with some silicone.  Bought car with it like that.  Go figure.  Otherwise in great condition.

- Two V8 headlight frames.  Right side in excellent condition.  Left side's vertical adjustment broken but may be able to be fixed, I haven't messed with it.

Pesky cat not included.  Please don't make fun of my carpet.  It's ugly, I know.

Price negotiable!  I want this stuff gone!  BEST OFFERS!


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