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Title:    2001 A6 2.7T quattro sedan
Price:    8,000.00
Location: State College, PA

Date:     November 02, 2007
Contact:  Dave
Email:    dkraige at kcftech.com
Phone:    8149339428


				2001 Audi A6 2.7T quattro Sedan

				For sale is a beautiful Racing Green 2001 Audi A6 2.7T quattro sedan.  This car, offered for sale by an Audi enthusiast (ok, Audi nut), is a superb example of 

the marque.  Great cars like this for such a reasonable price make the idea of buying a new car seem silly.  Keep in mind, this car had a list price well over $45,000 only 8 short years ago!  Simply put, 

this is an amazing, loaded sport-luxury car for an unbelievable price.  The feature list is absolutely staggering for this price range.  This car really has everything you need.




				This A6 is in great condition both inside and out, and is an excellent mid-size sedan featuring a perfect mix of sportiness, luxury, safety, and economy.  The car feels almost 

new despite having 147,000 miles on the odometer.  Audis are tuned to run all day at high speed on Germany's autobahns, so driving in the U.S. in a car like this is a breeze, and they really do not wear out 

with mileage.  Well-maintained high-mileage Audis are generally very reliable.  Take it from a guy whose daily-driver A4 has 165,000 miles on the clock and feels brand new.  Heck, I race an 

18-year-old Audi with 140,000 miles on it.  They're tough cars.  With its smooth, quiet ride, comfortable seats, and great power and handling, the A6 the perfect car for your daily commute or for long road 

trips.  The powerful Bose/Audi Symphony stereo system with CD changer and subwoofers sounds amazing and makes long trips even more pleasant.



				The efficient twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter V6 engine provides excellent power while still achieving great fuel economy.  Make no mistake, this is a fast car, in 

fact the fastest A6 trimline available, outpacing even the 4.2L V8 model while being lighter and more fuel efficient.  With a sophisticated lightweight aluminum multi-link suspension and powerful four-wheel 

ventilated disc brakes, the car handles and stops with impressive quickness and precision for a car of this size.  The 5-speed Tiptronic transmission provides the ease of an automatic while offering some of 

the sportiness of a manual transmission.  With adaptive parameters, the transmission is able to seamlessly adapt to your driving style, be it relaxed or aggressive.



				The A6 is a great car in all weather conditions.  With quattro full-time all-wheel-drive, the car handles great even on snow or ice.  As somebody who has owned a number of 

quattro models, I can speak from experience and say that these cars are absolutely incredible in slippery conditions.  With a decent set of tires they are practically unstoppable.  And with the cold weather 

package, not only is the car capable in the winter, it's comfortable.  Heated seats front and rear keep driver and passengers warm, heated mirrors and windshield washers make sure you can always see well, 

and heated door locks make it a snap to get in the car even if it's icy out.



				With advanced safety features this would make a great car for a new driver.  Standard ABS brakes, stability control, and secure, intuitive all-wheel-drive handling stack the 

odds hugely in your favor of avoiding an accident, and the extremely strong body structure and plenty of airbags provide excellent occupant safety.  Audis typically receive exemplary crash safety ratings and 

this model is no exception.  Xenon high intensity headlights provide great night vision, with front and rear foglamps further improving visibility.  The headlights are self-leveling to account for 

accelerating, braking, or heavy cargo.



				More photos are available, please email or call me to request photos or to schedule viewing or a test drive.  Long story short, it's a big, fast, cool car for a great price.  

What's not to like?  See below for details on the standard and optional features and specs of the A6.  For full details visit this site.

						Trim Level, Color and Included Options
						Trim Level:
						2.7T quattro (bi-turbocharged 2.7-liter V6)
						Available Options:
						2.7T quattro
						Premium Package: Auto dimming inside and outside rearview mirrors; Multi-function steering wheel with Audio and Telephone controls; Xenon high 

intensity discharge headlights with automatic self-leveling
						Cold Weather Package: Front and rear heated seats; Expandable ski sack
						Preferred Luxury Package: Sunroof; Leather seat upholstery; HomeLink 3-channel remote transmitter located in driver's sunvisor; 3-position memory 

for driver and passenger seat and outer mirrors
						6-disc trunk mounted CD changer
						Prewired for hands free cellular telephone - controlled via buttons on steering wheel
						200 Watt Bose premium sound system with subwoofer
						Exterior Color:
						Racing Green Pearl Effect
						Interior Color:
						Melange Ambiente
			   Technical Specs

						2.8 Avant
						2.7T quattro
						4.2 quattro
						Engine/Engine Design
						V6, 90 degree, DOHC, gasoline
						Six-cylinder four-stroke, spark ignition, two light alloy cylinder heads, three inlets and two (sodium-cooled) exhaust valves, DOHC, twin turbochargers
						DOHC aluminum alloy 90 degree V8, LEV exhaust standard
						3.25 in (82.5 mm)
						3.19 in. (81 mm)
						3.32 in. (84.5 mm)
						3.40 in. (86.4 mm)
						3.40 in. (86.4 mm)
						3.66 in. (93 mm)
						169 cu. in. (4172 cc)
						193 cu. in. (2671 cc)
						255 cu. in. (4172 cc)
						Compression Ratio:
						Horsepower (SAE Net):
						200 @ 6000 RPM
						250 @ 5800 RPM
						300 @ 6200 RPM
						207 ft. lbs.@ 3200+ RPM
						258 ft. lbs.@ 1850 RPM
						295 ft. lbs.@ 3000-4000 RPM
						Cylinder block:
						Cast Iron
						Aluminum alloy
						Forged Steel, 4 main bearings
						Forged Steel, 5 main bearings
						Cylinder head:
						Aluminum alloy
						Valve Train:
						DOHC, belt driven, hydraulic lifters / variable intake valve timing and variable geometry composite intake manifold
						DOHC, belt driven, hydraulic lifters / 3 path variable intake manifold, roller camshaft followers, variable intake camshaft timing
						Firing Order:
						Cooling System:
						Water-cooled, visco clutch and thermostatically controlled radiator fans
						Fuel/Ignition System:
						Electronic multi-point sequential fuel injection, hot film air mass sensor, solid state direct ignition with multiple coils, dual knock sensors w/cylinder 

selective knock control and fully adaptive controls.
						Electronic sequential fuel injection, mapped-characteristic ignition with solid-state ignition, variable intake camshaft control, cylinder-selective knock 

control, exhaust temperture control, corridinated engine-torque control, ME 7.0 Motronic with electronic throttle control
						ME 7.0 Motronic with electronic multi-point sequential fuel injection, hot film air mass sensor, solid state direct ignition with multiple coils, dual knock 

sensors w/ cylinder selective knock control and fully adaptive controls, electronic throttle control
						Emission System:
						Dual 3-way catalytic converters w/individual oxygen sensors
						Two tubular exhaust manifolds with air-gap insulation, pre catalytic converters close to engine, two main catalytic convertes underfloor, oxygen sensing for 

each cylinder bank with fur heated oxygen sensors
						Dual 3-way catalytic converters w/individual (four) oxygen sensors

						Fwd or quattro all-wheel drive
						quattro all-wheel drive
						quattro all-wheel drive
						quattro all-wheel drive
						Five-speed automatic with Tiptronic, Dynamic Shift Program and automatic shift lock
						6-speed manual or five-speed automatic, Dynamic Shift Program Tiptronic and automatic shift lock
						Five-speed automatic with Tiptronic and automatic shift lock
						Gear Ratios:
						Final Drive
							3.090:1 - fwd (1.207:1 f, 3.090:1 r, quattro)
							Manual (Auto)
							3.500:1 (3.665:1)
							1.889:1 (1.999:1)
							1.231:1 (1.407:1)
							0.987:1 (1.000:1)
							0.806:1 (0.742:1)
							0.684:1 (----)
							3.455:1 (4.096:1)
							4.111:1 (3.511:1)

						0-50 mph (0-80 kmh):
						6.8 sec ((6.9 quattro)
						7.2 sec.
						4.7 sec. (4.9 sec. auto)
						5 sec.
						0-60 mph (0-100 kmh):
						8.8 sec (9.3 sec. quattro)
						9.6 sec
						6.0 sec (6.6 sec. auto)
						6.7 sec
						1/4 Mile:
						17 sec (17.2 sec. quattro)
						17.4 sec
						14.7 sec (15.1 sec. auto)
						15 sec 
						Top estimated speed:
						130 mph (203 kmh) - Electronically limted for North America

						Fuel Economy (quattro models)
						17 mpg
						17 mpg
						17 mpg
						17 mpg
						27 mpg (26 mpg quattro/auto)
						26 mpg 
						24 mpg
						24 mpg
						21 mpg (20 mpg quattro/auto)
						20 mpg
						20 mpg
						19 mpg


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