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Title:    For sale, 2001.5 S4, Stg3, very well maintained.  NJ
Price:    18,500.00
Location: Jersey Shore, NJ

Date:     December 07, 2007
Contact:  Rolf
Email:    blader at comcast.net
Phone:    609-618-3986


Few pics of the car from BEFORE I lowered it. Trying to find time to snap some more recent ones. Also lots of detailed pics of the second engine pull and all the work and maintenance I performed.


Unfortunately, the time has come to sell my 2001.5 Audi S4. This car has been my pride and joy and believe me if I didn't have to sell it, I would never get rid of it. Unfortunately, because of my new job, I just don't have the time to enjoy it anymore. I refused to put the 82 mile round trip to work per day on this car, so I bought an 06 honda civic to get me to work and has basically become my daily driver. On the weekends, I mainly ride my 06 Yamaha R6, which means the audi lives its life in a heated carpeted garage and rarely sees the light of day. In the last 5 months, it has seen about 130 miles of use. I just can't justify to myself to keep it, no matter how much I love the car.

Here are the stats on the car. Currently has 91,000 miles. Car was a lease return out of South Carolina for the first part of its life. The Audi dealer in Mendham, NJ selected this car to go to their lot for sale, because of its excellent condition. This is where I purchased it, in January of 2005 with 44,000 miles. Every stage of its life has been documented from then on, and I can tell you every single thing you'd ever want to know about this car. I took it from stock to a full Stage 3 where it sits today. All work performed by Mike Moore, Uli, or me and all parts purchased by me. Car has been essentially trouble free for a majority of its life. Most of the work done was due to upgrades and maintenance, not failures. Never tracked, never beat on, only daily driven.

Orig purchase August 2001
Second owner, purchased January 2005 from Audi of Mendham NJ
Car had 44K and was CPO, lease return out of North Carolina
2001.5 Silver with Silver leather interior. 6speed.

Cliff Notes:
Mods- OEM K04's, Homebrew fueling [Greentop injectors, Giac X, Buehn 88mm billet MAF, TCD, AVC-R], AWE IC's, Piggie pipes, Borla 3in catback, poly snub mount, AWE DTS, phenolic spacers, Fully rebuilt and refreshed (ASP) transmission, VAST kevlar\ferramic clutch, RS4 pressure plate, RS4 engine mounts, Piggie short shifter, H&R Sport Springs, Bilstein Shocks, AWE center vent boost guage, LOTS of new parts and maintenance, probably missing a few things but everything is detailed below.

Spring 2005-
Giac X
Boost guage
Piggie pipes
H&R Sport Springs
Bilstein Shocks
Borla 3in Exhaust system
VAST short shifter
Hard wired for V1

61,000 miles Jan 2006
Brand new K04 turbos and hardware
Brand new K04 inlets wrapped with heat tape
AWE intercoolers
TCD installed
Beuhn 88mm billet MAF
Air box modified to work with MAF
RS4 accordion installed
Phenolic spacers
VAST Kevlar\Ferramic clutch RS4 pressure plate
Throw-out bearing
AVC-R installed
After run low temp thermostat installed
Fan switch replaced
Thermostat replaced
Timing belt, water pump, tensioner roller, idler roller, AND belt tensioner replaced
Poly snub mount
AWE drivetrain stabilizer
Bipipe installed
Stage 3 was tuned with lemmiwinks by Mike Moore, good ever since. 24psi peak, 21.5 to redline.

Summer 2006-
Front brakes- Hawk HPS

November 2006
Water pump failed, timing belt and water pump both replaced with OEM parts from dealer

Winter 2006-2007
PZero Nero M\S 225\45\17

Feb 2007 - May 2007 83K
Transmission rebuilt by ASP - first and second gear replaced, slider, syncros, seals. Complete refresh.
Both cam tensioner seals replaced
Both cam plugs replaced
Cam seals replaced
Both valve cover gaskets replaced
Both front wheel bearings replaced
All front control arms replaced
Both front tie rod ends replaced
Both front sway bar end links replaced
Both rear sway bar end links replaced
RS4 engine mounts installed
Upper oil pan power washed and resealed
Lower oil pan power washed and resealed
Intake manifold ported and polished
Intake mani reinstalled with new gaskets
All front inner and outer CV boots replaced, joints cleaned and inspected
Every bolt torqued to spec, threads cleaned
Flywheel and clutch inspected, reinstalled with new hardware to spec
Turbos inspected, great shape
New 710n's
Every hose inspected, hose clamps checked
Pressure tested

Winter 2007\2008
Clutch slave went and was replaced with upgraded OEM unit

88k-91k all highway, due to new job.

Always changed with mobil 1 0w40 at 5k with OEM filter
OEM air filter replaced every 15k
Plugs changed every 8-10K with NGK coppers
Coolant always changed with distilled water and G12 when drained

Known problems that will be taken car of before sale:
Stock wheels need some refinishing. Will sand out imperfections and repaint\clear them.
Rear brakes need to be done. Already have the pads, just need to switch them out.
Plugs need to be changed, already have them and can do them asap.
Auto dim in the rear view has gone bad, I am shipping this out and having it replaced very shortly.

known problems:
Due to the greentop injectors, sometimes the idle is a little shaky and due to their spray pattern (this is widely known) they can throw occasional misfire codes. I always just clear them, this has never caused any other issues. I've tried to track down another source of the misfire but everything else is perfect. It really is just the injectors spray pattern.
center display, most pixels are shot as with most S4's.
Brakes have some deposits on the rotors from sitting in the garage so often. Pads need to be re-bedded to take car of some vibration when stopping. I will let the new owner handle that.

Only major issue: About two years ago the car was keyed on the drivers side. It was taken to a detailer to be buffed out. 80% of this scratch was able to be closed up, the rest was touched up and buffed, with some light wet sanding. I've just lived with it for the last two years. To be properly fixed, it would probably need some paint and blending.

**Asking $18,500 as is, negotiable.**

**Asking 16,000 negotiable as bare Stage 3 (Stage 3 minus, ask for parts list)**

Pics in post below. Any other info available upon request. Thanks for looking.

Email blader at comcast.net. Located in New Jersey 08731.


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