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Section:  Parts
Title:    Ideal laptop for VAG-COM or M.S.
Price:    135.00
Location: Central US (zip 74434)

Date:     December 03, 2007
Email:    type44q at gmail.com


This Dell Inspiron 4000 has been well taken care of. It has a 14" LCD (1024x768 resolution), PIII-type "Coppermine" Celeron 800mhz (w/SSE), Radeon Mobility GPU/graphics processor with its own memory (i.e. NOT shared with system memory which is a BIG plus!), 192MB of ram (upgradeable to 512MB) and a 40GB hard drive. It comes with removable & interchangeable DVD and CD-RW drives as well as a floppy drive. It has been upgraded to the latest BIOS version. It includes the AC adapter as well as a durable and fairly well-padded Dell-branded nylon laptop bag/carry case to carry it around in. I'll include a PCMCIA network card. The laptop is in otherwise perfect condition (including solid, healthy hinges!), with the following minor exceptions: The LCD screen has some faint abrasion from lightly touching the keyboard keys when the laptop was closed, however it was never a problem when I watched a few DVD movies and I'm VERY picky about screen and playback quality (FYI, why Dell designed it
this way is beyond me; however, it was apparently quite common for laptops of this era to have this design flaw). The letters have begun to rub off three or four of the keys on the keyboard and are completely rubbed off the L, M and N keys. One of the built in stereo speakers doesn't seem to work too well, however the stereo line-out/headphone jack works fine. The USB port in the back is a little bit wiggly; I was told that this is normal (I always inserted and removed USB devices carefully and gently; if you do the same, I suspect you won't have a problem. If you did, you could always get a PCMCIA USB 2.0 card; you might want to anyway). The battery doesn't hold much of a charge (under heavy usage, it lasted less than half an hour). You could replace the battery... or, if you needed to use the laptop on the road and wanted longer run-times than that, you could get a 12v to 110v cigarette lighter. FYI, you might not think 192MB is a lot of memory... and it ISN'T (lol); however, if
you know how to properly tune Win2k or XP, you also know that it's pretty easy to configure Windows to use only 60 to 70MB of RAM at bootup... and VAG-COM only needs a dozen or two more megs on top of that. If you really need more RAM than that, get on eBay and find a couple 256MB PC100 SODIMMS; they're extremely easy to install (the memory slots on this laptop are extremely accessible). An Operating system is not included; if that is a problem for you (absolutely no disrespect here, merely valuable advice for an IT consultant with nearly twenty years' experience), you shouldn't be in the market for a used computer, period(!), and here's why: you should ALWAYS *completely* wipe the hard drive of any used computer and reinstall Windows... and I don't mean "restoring" a deliberately broken installation of Windows via "System Restoration Disks" but rather installing the real thing, properly... without all the preinstalled "shovelware" and corporate malware the OEM's hide on those awful
CD's! Finally... last but not least, shipping. Shipping will be $20 (including insurance) and you have your choice of UPS Ground or USPS Priority. Also, I guarantee that the laptop will be INCREDIBLY well-packed.


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