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Section:  Parts
Title:    4 wheels - 5x112 Simmons OM18
Price:    1.00
Location: Clifton, NJ

Date:     October 31, 2007
Contact:  Adam
Email:    ademkrlic at gmail.com


I should've sold these wheels over a year ago, but things have been overwhelming and hectic in my life over the last year or so, and so I really haven't had the right opportunity to do the sort of "spring cleaning" I had intended on for 2007.

These were my summer wheels for almost 5 years.  They held up exceptionally well, considering how much driving I do over less-than-smooth road surfaces in the NYC metropolitan area.

There are a couple of small dents, mostly on the back/inside faces of the wheels, and only a single very small bend on one of the outer faces.  This is all visible in the photos attached/linked.  Again, considering the fact that I was driving a 4,000-lb car over some of the worst asphalt in the northeast, it's amazing these wheels came out as straight as they did... A true testament to the quality Simmons invest in their wheels.  I drove the wheels for two years in the present condition... The slight bends weren't noticeable at highway speeds, and I'm pretty sure that's largely attributable to the high-speed balancing that my Audi technician friend performed when I took my car to his shop for brake work.  If you're anal about the bends, there are shops that'll straighten them out for a couple of hundred bucks, and they'll even re-finish the lips for another couple hundred (though I wouldn't go so far).

Polished lips are in pretty good condition, and clean up very nicely after a proper wash/polish.  I'm fairly confident that the wheels are free of curb rash -- I'm an exceptionally careful parallel parker.  There is very little surface-level oxidation/pitting, but the vast majority of it buffs out after a proper polishing.

For those of you wondering about brake clearance... By using a mere 5mm spacer, these wheels cleared the BIRA Stage 6 kit (996T calipers over 993T rotors).  In fact, I believe the wheels could've cleared the brake kit even without the use of the spacers, but they were basically used as an insurance policy against any unforeseen risks.

These are 18-inch wheels, 8.5 inches wide at the front, 9.5 inches at the rear.  (Before I get flamed with "staggered wheels don't belong on a quattro...) The wheels were wrapped in uniformly-sized Toyo Proxes T1's, 255/35/18... And according to the multitude of discussions on various VW/Audi boards regarding this topic, I've come to the conclusion that this is perfectly safe due to the negligible difference in total running circumference once 4 tires of the same size are used.  In my opinion, it adds a nice touch to an already lovely wheel.

The front tires hold air, but need to be replaced immediately, as their inner edges are entirely over-worn.  The rear tires are in pretty good shape, and probably have 50-75% of their tread remaining.

I'm located in Clifton, New Jersey, 15 miles west of Manhattan, located in close proximity to the Garden State Parkway, NJ Turnpike, Routes 80, 46, 21, 20, 19, 4 and 3.

I'd prefer local/cash transactions... But I suppose I'm willing to listen to offers.

Speaking of offers, I haven't quite settled on an asking price.  Let me know what you might be willing to offer, and we'll see if we can make something work.  If all else fails, I might just throw them up on Ebay and let the highest bidder haul them off.

Thanks for looking.











All but one of the images are obviously of the back/inner faces of the wheel.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions... 

Thanks again....


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