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Timmmy marketbot at audifans.com
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Section:  Parts
Title:    FS: 2005 V8 S4 parts:
Price:    4,000.00
Location: Southern NH

Date:     December 02, 2008
Contact:  Timmmy
Email:    haydn.taylor at gmail.com
Phone:    603 930 4547


I have a bunch of parts from a wrecked 2005 S4 Cabriolet. The vehicle had 45K miles when it met its end. 

See this Motorgeek thread for pics and more details http://www.motorgeek.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=25876

I have more info on most of these parts, and given how wicked smaaaht you lot are I will keep the descriptions short for now. If you have questions please post here or PM me. 

With regards to prices, I ask for a fair days pay for a fair day's work. I am happy to haggle though. I will try to list my desired $$ on the bigger items, and leave the smaller stuff to your imaginations. 

I will ship to anywhere in the continental US, and maybe Canada. Shipping will be either at cost, or pre agreed included in the sale cost. Again discuss the particulars with me in a PM or email. Clearly local pickup preferred all round. I am located in southern NH near Manchester (45 minutes north of Boston, ZIP 03087 to calc shipping)

Payment: I prefer Paypal or mail me a check, I will ship once funds are with me. 

The parts 

A) 6spd Transmission I have codes etc if you want them, its post 01E and according to my research these boxes are not as strong as the wide 1st 01E's, they are however about as strong as a narrow 1st 01E, and stronger than the 016's and 01A's. The shift mechanisms internal to the box are silky smooth and vastly improved over all the older boxes. I chose to stick with a fully built 01E given the TQ levels I hope to run in my project (See Motorgeek for details 1990 V8Q with BHF twin turbo V8) . Looking for $2K Comes with really nice aluminum cross member, although one of the mounting tabs to the body is broken off. easy fix if you can weld Al. 

B) Shift mechanism for above. I dont really want to split it from the transmission, but I might if somebody wants the box and not the linkage. 

C) Diff and hanger: Same vehicle, pristine condition. (Open Diff, they all were I believe) 

D) Stock ECU with matching coded key. 

E) Instrument cluster: Dirty as its been in a box for a year or so, few minor scratches but not bad) 

F) Front sway bar with mounts (engine mounts) and end links. This bar is massive BTW! I didnt measure it but I am thinking it is about 1.5" 

G) Front Subframe 

H) Roll sensor (connects to front sway bar to detect body) 

I) Aibox 

J) Aux radiators with plumbing. These things are really nice and might stay in my parts bin for the V8. Few minor dings to the cores but none to the wet parts. 

K) Plumbing..... 

L) Stock dual mass flywheel with 60-2 ring, stock clutch and pressure plate (all used) 

Thats it for the S4 stuff I think. I will make a seperate thread for the other stuff. 

Here is a link to more pics http://gallery.mac.com/haydntaylor#100507&view=grid&bgcolor=black&sel=51


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