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Sam Lukens marketbot at audifans.com
Mon Jan 19 16:35:33 PST 2009

Section:  Cars
Title:    1986 audi 4000 cs quattro
Price:    500.00
Location: Stowe VT

Date:     December 01, 2008
Contact:  Sam Lukens
Email:    sam.lukens at gmail.com
Phone:    703-946-4730


hi everyone, as much as i hate to let it go i don't have a warm place to work on my Audi any longer and considering i live in 0 to -10 degree Stowe Vermont, Ive got to let it go. the car has an air/fuel mixture problem which Ive been trying to sort out since my timing belt snapped and i replaced it. The timing is perfect and i can get it to start but when a let out the clutch and begin driving there is a serious lack of power. The Car ran like a champ until the belt went. This car would be a great candidate for a 10 or 20v turbo project or simply for parts alone, and for $500 It makes the project budget seem a little more feasible. I'm sure i didn't bend any valves when the belt let go, as the engine is non interference i drove the car again for about a week and a half after i replaced it, it was having the issue commonly posted about where it wont let me rev past 2-3k rpm until it warms up a bit and after a small pop from the intake it would drive just fine, so since i set the cam,
crank and dist. at tdc and advanced timing 6 degrees, i can only imagine that someone had adjusted the air flow plate with the timing advanced to a different degree and fiddled with the mixture.on a hunch i replaced the idle stabilizer valve, and all the bad vacuum lines it would still do it. Now with the new vacuum pressure it runs worse. ive read that my problem is a result of a lean mixture, so after cleaning the air flow plate and housing thinking it may be sticking. still no luck. its just too cold for me to work on it, without a garage to put it in. The cars odometer died about 75000 miles ago at 99000 so the true mileage is unknown but i have kept an estimate based upon my gas consumption. the two front windows are inoperable, but in the up position. It has a small dent from the original owner on the and passenger front fender, a clicky c.v., and the infamous tricky door handle on the pass. side. lastly, its got a cracked taillight lens from one of the damn plow trucks.
Minimal rust as the car was in storage from ~2004-2008.The New: starter, water pump, t belt, intermediate exhaust pipe, spark plugs, wheel bearings, all control arm bushings, front tie rod ends, front ball joints, rear ball joints, misc. vacuum lines. This car was the best car I've ever owned in the snow and i hate to see it go, as it still has plenty of life left in it.

Thanks For Looking.


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