7.5x16 wheels for '87 Coupe Quattro (not UrQ!) ???

Richard J. Andrews tech@flashmail.com
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 08:36:38 -0600

I My experience the 205/50/16s will not clear the front tie rods or something..
they would be constantly rubbing... i tried mounting a set on my 86 4kq...
no go.. 205/45 16 and 215/40 16 fit fine though but i had 40 mm offset.

'86 4kq

At 01:56 AM 3/6/02, you wrote:
>Not sure if this is a FAQ or not, since the car is usually outnumbered in
>terms of threads for UrQ or the FWD Coupes, but I'll try anyway.
>I'm close to buying new alloys and tires for my Coupe Quattro. The model
>I've chosen is AEZ Radon in 7.5x16 (ET 35) and the tires will be Bridgestone
>Potenza S-03 PP in 205/50R16. The dealer couldn't give a straight answer to
>my question on whether they'll fit or not. The car is a 1987 Coupe Quattro,
>_not_ UrQ, so it doesn't have wide arches. It has 80Q (or 4kQ in the States)
>transmission and suspension in a Coupe (GT) body, and it's a factory model,
>all done in Ingolstadt.
>There's plenty of room in the front, but the rear arches are a bit tight,
>and to make it even trickier, the car is lowered a bit. The arch lips
>haven't been rolled.
>Will they fit? If you don't have any experience, please at least share your
>The car in question is
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