4KCSQ starting/running/power/etc problems

Patrick Austin paanta at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 30 01:05:05 EST 1999

Hello all,
  Here's my problem...I recently bought a 4KCSQ and I'm having some serious
running problems.  The car has a 6K mile old motor, so compression and
whatnot isn't a problem.  It starts OK when cold, but it does take a bit
cranking sometimes.  The worst problem is that once it's on, it has NO
power below 2K rpm or so.  It just bogs from 1K to 2K, taking a good solid
3-5 seconds just to rev the thing up to 2K RPM so I can get away from a
stop light...I have city buses honking at me to speed up.  It's worse when
cold, but hot is still a problem.  Above about 2K rpm, it's still
slow...definately not what it should be.  The car is getting awful
milage...about 20 MPG.  It backfires too.  When its hot, it won't always
restart immediately and sometimes needs to cool off a bit.  I don't yet
have a service manual for the car (I'm waiting for one to be shipped) and
since I'm not entirely familiar with CIS-E, I don't really know what/where
to look.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I tried disconnecting the
cold start valve and that did nothing.  I suppose the car may just be tuned
rich, since the Previous Owner was racing and not using the car on the
street.  What order should I check things in? :)

  One other question, while I'm here:  The car has a coilover suspension
all around.  I'm getting a clunking over bumps from the left front, and
when I push down on the front of the car, I hear this clunking, accompanied
by visible movement between the top of the coilover and the strut tower
itself.  Strut bearings, I assume?  What needs to be done to pull out the
strut/coilover unit and put new bearings in on top?

  We're getting a storm this saturday out here in Boston, and I want the
car ready to kick some BMW ass once it starts snowing! ;) Got a few scores
to settle with the E30 boyz.

			-Patrick Austin
			'86 4000CS Quattro rally monster
						Patrick Austin
						paanta at bu.edu

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