100 Eurolights

Avi Meron avim at pacbell.net
Fri Jan 1 08:26:31 EST 1999

On a scale of 1 to 10:

DOT 5KT lights- 2 (about as two Sabbath candles, with the High beam on=same
as a 2 triple A battery Mag light)

100 Euro - 8 (with 80-100bulbs, 7.5 with 55Watt bulbs)

I hope the above helps.............
You all take care now,

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Any listers w/ Audi 100 eurolights, can you please relate your
experiences with these lights?

A friend of mine is possibly interested in getting a set of 100
eurolights, but he's skeptical of how much of an improvement they
would be over his DOT 5kt lights.

I told him it would be much better, but it would be best to hear
from those who have had first-hand experience. My 200 eurolights
are different so they are not a good comparison.



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