Starter Freakout 85 4kq + Audis in Anime!

Thor Heglund jmakrl at
Tue Apr 11 14:43:24 EDT 2000


My starter appears to be acting up.  The car starts up fine, but after it starts up it continues to make this grinding rattle that subsides to a sort of whirring hum that changes with engine speed.  I
am thinking the pinion gear is not retracting (is that how it works?).  

The first thing I should do is pull the starter and check the gear for damage, correct?  

How do I pull the starter?  I can see one nut right in front, is that it?  There must be more.

On another note - if you have broadband and you like anime and audis (not necessarily in that order) check out:  You may have to make up an account, go to the anime section and check out Devilman: Volume 1, skip to chapter 5 if you just want to see the action. You really get to see
the advantage of the quattro system as it pulls away from a giant squid demon thing from the south pole.

85 4kq

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