S-4-01 snow wheels??

Grant Lenahan gfl at erols.com
Sat Aug 19 09:17:00 EDT 2000

>Can one fit 15" Fuchs rally wheels on the new 01 S-4?  How about 5spoke 16"
>UR-s4 wheels for snows on the new S-4?  Offset correct?  Clearance?
>Michael C.

Although its a standard audi 5 x 112 hub, the size of the front brake 
calipers prevents fitment of  most wheels below 17" - of any type. 
No 15" wheels fit.  No A4 wheels fit.  No a6 wheels fit, except those 
off the A62.7T. Not great news for snow tires :-)

I'll get 16" Ronal R-28 or R-7s for mine,

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