Wheels and Wings for ur-S4/S6

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I know that with the right offset, you can easily fit 18x8" wheels on the
car. I have no knowledge of larger sizes- I'm sure some S4/6 owners can
in with fitments in 8.5" or 9" widths, if it is possible. I know personally
of someone running 235/45R17 (maybe 40 series) on an S6, but don't know how
much wider you can go. Chris Miller has 255s on his '91 200q, so I don't see
why you couldn't go with 245 or 255s all around, with the right wheel.

Kamei makes a rear wing, but I don't know of an air dam. IMHO, these cars
very clean-looking- I wouldn't put a wing or an air dam on it, as you run
risk of making it look really ugly. I'd consider the S6+ bumper, though. It
the car look more modern, IMHO, with styling closer to the current A4/A8.


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Having watched the stream of e-mails about wheels on a 5K I'm afraid to ask,
but I need to push the band-width again.  I have a '93 S4 with the 6 spoke
15" wheels on it.  I want to upgrade but need to know how big I can go on
wheels and tires.  I'm planning on changing the shocks and springs to
Bilsteins and Eibach or H&R but not for another year.  They need to work
with both ride heights.  I'm leaning toward 17" but I'm open for
recommendations.  I want to put as wide a tire as I can on it.

Also does anyone know of Front Air dams or Rear Wings for this body style.
Dahlback Racing shows a fiberglass Air dam from SGI but there is no US
Distribution that I know of.  Was there ever any body kits for this body

Dave Freed

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