4kq for sale, maybe?

Sat Aug 19 23:38:44 EDT 2000

I have an 86 4kq that is currently just sitting around as a second car.  It's 
red with cloth interior, about 150k miles (odometer quit about a month ago, 
hasn't been driven).  It has been the most reliable car I've ever had.  I 
fixed the door lock problem, the timing belt/water pump was replaced last 
year.  It's not the prettiest example out there, but for someone looking for 
a reliable 4wd car, its great.  If anyone is interested, make me an offer.  
I'm asking 2k, but let me know.  You folks get first dibs, as I really would 
like it to go to someone that knows Audi well, and could appreciate the car 
for what it is.

Chris Brock
Manassas, VA

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