Cold Start Prob. w/ 84 4KSQ

Adam P. Brodeur adamb at
Sun Aug 20 17:39:07 EDT 2000

Hello all,

 To those who responded to my initial posting for help approximately 2
weeks ago, I appreciate it.  Well, my 4000 is still having cold start
problems.  So far, I've checked and secured all vacuum lines, replaced
the air filter and spark plugs, and cleaned the fuel distributor and
throttle body which were black with carbon.  This didn't solve my

I took the advice of many lister who responded as well as the Bentley
manual and checked the thermo-time swith and cold start valve.  Here are
my results:  The switch at the cold start valve reads approximately 10.6
volts then drops to approximately 7, then to 3 and then 0 all in a
matter of 3 seconds or so.  The temperature of the coolant was below

I then removed the cold start valve and found that it did spray an even
mist of fuel for approximately 3 seconds, however it does not continue
to pulse.  I was able to get the car to run by spraying starting fluid
into the throttle body.  This leads my to believe that it's definately
not getting enought fuel when cold.  The car runs fine after warming up
for 5 minutes or so.

Now, what should I check next?  What controls how lond the cold start
valve should spray fuel, how long it stops, and when it restarts?  From
what I read, the pulse relay only comes into effect when the car is
warm.  Is that correct or could that be the problem, and if so, how can
I check that relay?

Any help out there would be greatly appreciated.  Sorry if I'm a bit
long, but I figured the more information I could provide, the better
someone might be able to help me.  Thank in advance.

Adam Brodeur
84 4KSQ

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