Car runs inconsistently

TM t44tq at
Sun Aug 20 22:20:24 EDT 2000

Sorry listers for the waste of bandwidth.... I'm posting a lot

Strange day today. My charging system on the 5kcstq is not working
properly, had to get the car jump started this morning and subsequently
went nuts and bought a portable jump starter, a battery charger and a new
battery. Need to get this problem fixed ASAP.

The funny thing is, even with the charging/battery/connection problem,
the car was running exceptionally well today. No lifter noise, no ticking
(possible exhaust manifold/downpipe) and the car felt like someone broke
into my car and chipped it last night while I was sleeping. The boost
came up to 1.4 bar more quickly than usual, the engine pulled very strongly
and smoothly and it was generally a very good day to drive the 5kcstq as
long as I didn't shut it off :-). I felt like I was driving around in a V-8
all day. I hope my car continues to run this well- unbelievable for a car
w/ 185k on the clock.

With the beautiful weather and a very strong-running 5kcstq, it was just
a nice day. When everything is fixed on this car, it will be an even nicer
day. This is the reason I'm crazy enough to drop tons of money into this old
piece of junk, I guess.

5kcstq w/ bad charging system
A4tqw w/ lifter noise?!?

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