The new Audi Wave

Dan Z. Johnson danz at
Mon Aug 21 02:58:39 EDT 2000

Pitch 'em the peace sign. that REALLY gets 'em riled.

Brendan/Coolian wrote:

>         I was driving Suzanne down the street this morning, past the Post Office,
> when I saw a nice shiny 5k, behind a little ole Golf. He veered out and
> around the Golf and into my lane, about 100 feet in front of me.  Of
> course, this had me a tad worried, so I did the universal "What the heck
> are you doing" shrug, to which he responded with the new Audi
> Wave.  Gesticulating wildly with both middle fingers held aloft for his
> young son to see in the passenger's seat while screaming at ME about my
> mother.  How does he know my mother?  *smile*
> ********************************
> Brendan Barry
> Boston, Massachusetts
> 1987 Audi 4000 quattro - "Suzanne"

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