Observations about newer Audi drivers

Freed, David (Exchange) dfreed at bear.com
Mon Aug 21 10:03:37 EDT 2000

Actually I think you made your point well and I couldn't agree more.  Saw a
recent A4 with full Oettinger body kit and 18" wheels.  Waved as I passed
and they ignored me (actually think they raised their noses at me) until
they saw my S4 badge on the trunk.  Then I could see them both jumping up
and down and pointing in my mirror.  Wonder if they would know what I drove
if Audi hadn't resurrected the S4 nameplate.  Stepped on it as they pulled
out to catch up.  Sorry but it felt good to leave them behind.

Dave Freed '93 S4

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Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 16:11:24 -0400
From: "Seth Achilles" <SACHILLES at SUGARBUSH.COM>
Subject: Observations about newer audi drivers.

I have a feeling this may become a touchy subject before its all done.

I say this as a proud owner of a 97 A4.
There certainly does seems to be a difference between those who drive the 
newer style cars and those who drive the older style. 
What I really think you are seeing is that Audi has become more popular as a

brand in the past 5 years. It's a hell of nice car for the right amount of
There are a lot more of the new style out there. I don't think you are 
encountering Audi snobs. I think you are just encountering snobs. They 
wouldn't acknowledge you if you were driving the exact same car.
For every automaker, there is a group of fanatics like us who adore their 
vehicles. There is always going to be a group who has the car just because
a car. Not every driver is a auto fanatic.  Not everyone takes car of their
they may even abuse it. Then they'll turn it in for something newer. That's
how I 
got a great deal on my car. 
How else are we going to get a car below blue book if there aren't a few
out there willing to part with them.

I wave at just about every Audi I see. Some wave back, some do not. I think
has more to do with the occupants mentality than the car they drive.  Some 
probably wave back that don't even make the Audi connection. I love to see 
other Audi models. Honestly, I love to see any car on the road that is more
10 years old and well taken care of. I have an 83 Saab 900 turbo that I
from a junk heap in  CT. I am every bit as proud of it as my Audi, maybe
so. Why? 'cause I've put a hell of a lot of time an effort into it. My
"newer" Audi 
just hasn't existed long enough. I haven't had to work on it that much

These were some very random thoughts and rants. I don't think I really even
my point across. I just wanted to say that when someone else in an Audi 
doesn't wave back, it isn't because he or she doesn't appreciate your car.
don't wave back because they don't feel they should return wave as common 
courtesy. Some people are just like that.

My $0.02 as mixed up as it is.


Cash Control Manager
Sugarbush Resort
Warren VT


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