Took the rejuvenated 4kcsq on the autobahn

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Mon Aug 21 10:14:19 EDT 2000

Hum, I was think one of the more interesting speeds he'd be turning, given
the 2.6 conversion, would be that of his pistons and piston rings :-).
Might explain the need for additional cooling, if any, over a stock setup at
6,500 rpm.  I've seen non-Audi specific, parenthetical (i.e. a US Cheby/Ford
focused engine Performance simulation software) that "suggests" its "OK" to
consider rod ratio's & average piston speeds of up to 5000 feet per minute
in appropriately built performance engines can be done.

I'm guessing Max's pistons must be turning an average of about 4,070 feet
per minute, with peak speeds approaching 15,600 fpm vs. a 2.2 liter stock
engines @ 3,700 fpm and peak of 13,500 feet per minute (assumptions based on
86.4mm stroke vs. 95.5mm.)

That should also make for a whooping increase in intake & exhaust port
velocities & ??? torque??  Yes / No, what the hell is he talking aboot??

What is the 4KQ's OEM engine redline anyway?  I had an '84 4000Q, but don't
recall if it was as high as the later, 5000TQ or UrS4/6's (@ 7000rpm) turbo
charged cars.

Mike P.

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One trick is to read the speed at say 2K RPM. IF the speedo reads 40 MPH at
2K RPM (as did my old '84 US 4KQ), then if it's turning 4K RPM it's doing
80, at 6 K RPM it's doing 120, and at 6500 RPM it's doing

6500/2000 = x / 40

x = 130 MPH

It's not totally accurate, but it's a good ballpark.

Note, at least in the US, the 85 and later 4KQs had taller gears, thus more
speed at a given RPM.


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I just got back from a week in Germany with my now 2.6l 4kq.  I had a TSR
engine installed a couple of months back when the old  tired 2.2 oil pump
died.  I was informed that an oil cooler would be recommended but the temp
had not been over 130 when I was driving in the U.K. The car is clearly much
faster and It seems I will need to get an oil cooler as the oil temp quickly
started heading to the top on the autobahn.  I was able to reach 6500rpm in
5th before the temp got to the point where I had to back down and I think as
long as there is no headwind the car will reach redline. Does anyone have
recommendations regarding installation of an oil cooler for a non turbo car.
  I was looking a AMSOL remote dual filter setup and thought maybe the
cooler could be fitted in line with that. I am also wondering exactly how
fast the old car was going on the autobahn as the U.S. Speedo was pegged and
I do not recall the formula for computing speed using gear ratio and rpm. It
was fun looking at the surprised faces of people as I passed by though.  The
only problem I had other than the oil temp at full throttle was that after
living in the U.K. for three years and never needing the A/C I was wishing I
had the belt connected as it was much warmer on the continent. I saw lots of
Audis and quite a few s-cars but no RS-quattros on this trip. It is always
nice to have a roadtrip when the Audi gods are not angry (knock on wood).
Max Dombroski
m_dombroski at
87 4kcsq in U.K.

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