Question for you turbo experts

Beatty, Robert BeattyR at
Mon Aug 21 15:32:51 EDT 2000

Couple of turbo questions for those of you that have alot of knowledge about

I currently own a 87 5k tq with Scott M's eprom mod and a 1.8 bar spring.
ATP slotted rotors and metallic pads.  Car is otherwise bone stock

I had an R/Z ECU mod previously and while it was in at one point just before
i took it out, I noticed what seemed to be a power drop.  I have run codes
and checked various things and since then I have also pulled the head to
repair the exhaust manifold and engine mount.  The car was running at the
normal 1.3 bar (US) during the past few weeks while waiting to send out my
puter to Scott and was running fine.  I have put the ECU mod in and while i
was replacing the stock spring with the 1.8 bar spring, I found a small
amount of oil under the waste gate cap on the diaphragm.  I also have only
seen 1.8 very briefly as well.  I will be re-verfying WOT switch as well.

questions are....

1.  Is a slight amount of oil at the outer side of the W/G diaphragm normal
or is it a indication of a slight tear in my W/G manifold.... would a tear
cause a slight power drop or would it be much more significant?

2.  If i was to consider a turbo upgrade, what would I be looking for to
decrease turbo lag?  A smaller turbo such as a K24? Or a hybrid?  Of which i
have no knowledge.  Essentially I am not racing this car just driving it on
the street, however i would like a bit faster acceleration then it currently

3.  What specifically makes one turbo different from another ie... a smaller
turbo reduces lag correct?  what gains does one get from a larger turbo?
and what is a hybrid specifically?



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