at least I cleaned out the sunflower seeds

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Aug 21 22:48:53 EDT 2000

Dave Lawson had posted that replacement of the "updated" fuel pump (which
is characteristic of my '91 20V turbo) will definitely require Audi's 3214
tool; Fred Munro also said  the 3214 tool was a necessity. But would I
listen? Oh Noooooo. I just had to replace my _very_ noisy pump, and we
don't need no stinkin' tool, right?

So in (to the trunk) I plunged, removed the tank-access cover,  the
electical connector, and all hoses;  pulled out the gauge sender (float
unit). Then I spent a most frustrating hour peering into the tank and
alternately twisting and cursing. All to absolutely no avail. At least the
fuel level was very low so I avoided the discomfort of high-octane

I know that Ed Kellock recently replaced the pump on his '91 V8 and managed
to do without the "tool". If his pump was anything like mine, I don't wanna
arm-wrestle with Ed!

Anyway, I concluded there was no way I'd be able to release that pump
housing without the aid of the 3214 tool. I just sewed my patient up and
decided to have gin & tonic while considering possible options.

Does any lister have a 3214 tool to lend me? Does Zalenda sell it?

Oh, the sunflower seeds--I found a big pile of shells lying on top of the
sender, where it seems some critters had found access.

Phil Rose				Rochester, NY
'91 200q				mailto:pjrose at

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