turbo motor in an 86 4kq

Marc Swanson mswanson at cisunix.unh.edu
Tue Aug 22 00:02:13 EDT 2000

> i have an opportunity to purchase cheaply an 86 5000 turbo
> quattro......in good running condition(so i've been told...i'm not
> seeing car til tomorrow.......)
>   not sure of mileage......sorry folks....
> my question is.......
> is THIS yr/model engine one of the "good ones"??....ie: WORTH putting in
> my 86 4kq...??

sure.  Any 5kt will work ok, but the nice thing about the 86+ 5kt's is that
you get the water cooled turbo.  Is the car an auto or manual?  If it is a
manual you're set since you can use the flywheel.  If it's an auto you'll
need to go get one from a yard.



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