turbo motor in an 86 4kq

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Tue Aug 22 13:34:32 EDT 2000

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<< Yes,
  But everyone is forgetting that the 86 MC is not the
 optimal engine.  Sure, Its better than a KH which is
 better than an ur-q which is better than early Non IC
 Turbo.  But the MC-2 is better still, and the 3B
 better yet (although in a different league all
   Yes, its a great engine and one of the preferred
 options however its not the only one lets remember.
   l8r >>

    You are correct, there are lots of options, but don't forget that the 
original post was asking if an '86 MC was a good choice...a Trans-Am motor 
and management system is even a better choice yet (I know of one for sale)   

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