The Audi wave

Orin Eman orin at
Tue Aug 22 12:20:52 EDT 2000

> > >In terms of expectations, I think a good rule of thumb is the condition
> of 
> > >the front wheels.....
> > >
> > >If they're black, no wave back!!!!
> > 
> > Dee, I couldn't agree with you more. Black wheels are a sure  sign that 
> > the Audi that they are driving is "just a car" to them. Its pitiful.
> ... guilty as charged then I suppose.  I wish I had time to wash the car
> every week to get the new layer of brake dust off ... now if you took the
> time to look under the hood you'd see quite a differnt story!

...then there are those who would rather be _driving_ their car because
of the way it handles than spending time washing brake dust off...


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