cruise control throttle body arm

George A. Siambis siambisg at
Tue Aug 22 12:33:10 EDT 2000

There is a plastic bracket/connector that connects the holds the arm from
the diaphram onto the throttle body.  Don't have p/n for it.  

An easy fix, however, is to lay the arm into place (onto the U-shaped
connection from the diaphram) and use pliers to crimp the U closed around
the arm. Close it enough so the ball at the end of the arm cannot pass
through (i.e., diaphram contraction will pull TB open) but ensure the arm
is not restricted in its movement (i.e., it can move toward diaphram when
CC is off and you are opening TB via throttle cable).  

Note the length of arm from TB is adjustable at the TB (arm screws in/out
with two nuts holding in place) to eliminate any slack caused by lack of
the original plastic connector.

Not the most elegant approach, but it solves the problem...

George Siambis
1988 90q

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>Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 14:21:44 -0500 (CDT)
>From: Nathan D Engelbert <nde264 at>
>To: quattro at
>Subject: cruise control throttle body arm

Hey all,

Cruise went out in the 1989 90q pretty suddenly a while back.  When
replacing the lifters last weekend, I noticed that the arm on the throttle
body that (presumably) connects to the diaphragm thingy was loose/off.
Is there a grommet/connector that slides onto the arm of the diaphragm and
onto the arm from the throttle body?  If so, part number?

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