Fwd: Re: S-4-01 snow wheels??

Grant Lenahan gfl at erols.com
Wed Aug 23 08:04:12 EDT 2000

Ooops, forgot the list :-()

>>Why is that,
>>   Seems that many 16" wheels fit.  Most Borbet, BBS,
>>Millia Millia etc fit.  What 16" wheels dont fit?  Is
>>it an offset thing or diameter?
>>   Todd
>None of the Audi factory 16" wheels fit, except those from the A6 
>2.7t (which has the same brakes).  2/3 of the ronals dont fit.  None 
>of the standard steel wheels fit, according to the Tire Rack.
>It appears to have to do with the curvature of the spokes.


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