Tue Aug 22 13:09:15 EDT 2000

Dear audifans.
I hope that a few of you might have a couple of tips for me.  I am the recent 
buyer of a great car, an Audi.  Two of my best friends own and drive Audi's 
and I have now bought my first Audi and I'm a little lost about specific 
things that will help my car run and last longer.  I feel like I got a good 
deal.  The car is a 1993 90 CS Quatro Sport.  It only has 70K miles on it and 
the lady that I bought it from is a dentist with no children who only drove 
the car to work and back.  She say's she rarely had it out of third gear.  I 
paid $100.00 dollars below low book.
Anyway, hopefully this gives all of you an idea of what type of car I'm 
driving.  If any of you have any service or performance tips for me, I would 
love them.

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