Phil's stuck spark plug

Richard Beels beels at
Wed Aug 23 12:13:55 EDT 2000

I've seen Coke work too.  Kroil works better...

Find some Kroil, smells better than Coke as well....

At 05:37 8/23/2000,  quk at was inspired to say:

> > Yeah, it's good stuff.  But consider....
> > WD40           Monkey lad   (sorry Phil :-)
> > PB Blaster     Typical QLister Shadetree Wrench
> > Kroil          Audi Sport Mechanic
>Nothing to be sorry about _ I've already said it's a lousy penetrant.
>I'd like to know where my Valvoline fits on the scale, though.  And
>Coke Classic - which won a blind testing for rusted nut removal here a
>few years back.


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