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>Dear audifans.
>I hope that a few of you might have a couple of tips for me.  I am the recent
>buyer of a great car, an Audi.  Two of my best friends own and drive Audi's
>and I have now bought my first Audi and I'm a little lost about specific
>things that will help my car run and last longer.  I feel like I got a good
>deal.  The car is a 1993 90 CS Quatro Sport.  It only has 70K miles on it and
>the lady that I bought it from is a dentist with no children who only drove
>the car to work and back.  She say's she rarely had it out of third gear.  I
>paid $100.00 dollars below low book.
>Anyway, hopefully this gives all of you an idea of what type of car I'm
>driving.  If any of you have any service or performance tips for me, I would
>love them.

Generally a solid car.  All the v6 engines require a timing 
belt/idler/water pump between 75k and 90k.  Failure to do this costs you an 
engine (1).  About $1k at the dealer.  That's the only major item I can 
think of.

- Change the oil, obviously.
- change brake fluid every 2 years
- suspension and bushings begin to wear after ~100k miles, but can be made 
"good as new"


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