Question for you turbo experts (and WOT Injectors)

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Wed Aug 23 15:23:12 EDT 2000

<<Java - what are you running 5x2 = 10 (ten) njectors?  FWIW, I know the one or two additional injector in the intake manifold a la cold start type modifications (but with regular fuel injectors, not the clod start injector
which Probst strongly advises against trying to use as an "injector") has been done with great success to one of the fast (& I mean VERY fast)turbaned 4KQ's running in Colorado.
Mike P.>>

   You can go see the details of my turbo conversion at:

   I am running an MC-2 motor on stock Audi 80 NG fuel and management system-modified with an ECU controlling 5 additional EFI injectors, one in each runner.  The ECU takes a MAP and RPM signal, and is adjusted via a windows program.
   I am familiar with Gary. K's car, he decided to use two injectors. I chose one in each runner to avoid any fuel distrubution problems associated with additional injectors.  One injector in each runner ensures even distrubution, plus massive potential for future boost upgrades.  Currently I am running 14 psi boost with no detonation, the car runs beautifully.
   There is nothing wrong with using a cold start injector as a fueling device, per se, as long as it is controlled intelligently, not just on or off.  It needs to fuel based on the requirements of the engine, in proportion to the fueling needs of the motor, not just on full blast regardless of RPM or air flow.  HTH,

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