200K Mile Check up on 875KCSQ

Paul Heneghan paul.heneghan at bbc.co.uk
Thu Aug 24 14:15:31 EDT 2000

From: Adam Jansen <adamj at scenicsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 11:25:14 -0700

>Ok, so my baby is about to hit 200K
>I bought it 20K miles ago and have loved every minute.
>What should I do at this point, as routine maintenance and/or safety
>There were no records from previous owner, so I dont what has been done to
>Replace Timing belt?

Yes, you're living on borrowed time

>Replace water pump?

It makes sense doing this while you're doing the T belt

>Fuel and air filters?


>replace Hydraulic fluid?

Yes - failure to do so every two years or so causes corrosion of the
callipers/cylinders and also can cause soggy brakes if they get hot.

what else?

Oil filter, oil and plugs obviously.
Lube the sunroof, door handles.
Check all the rubber bits - CV, steering gear and ball joint boots,
suspension bushings etc.
Replace cam cover gasket (if cork).
Check rubber pipes for leaks - particularly the breather hose coming out of
the cam cover and associated items .
Check fluid levels in diffs.


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