Stuck sparkplug redux

John Larson jdlarson at
Thu Aug 24 08:48:13 EDT 2000

The 911? Just mentioned not doing one because I know the limits of
feasibility. The plug holes are among the most inaccessible imaginable.
I work on lots of them. I ALWAYS use anti seize on plugs. Never had one
stuck in a 911, or any other car I've put plugs in that I can remember.
I use these cool really long needle nose pliers to pull the tang off.
Snap On, et al. Harbor Freight even has them, and Sears. I put grease on
the tap, and I blow out the holes with brake clean, compressed air, and
cranking the motor over several times during the process. Remember, it's
really soft material and a few little shavings aren't gonna do much
anyway. HTH, John

mike wrote:
> i've only done a few and have always pulled the head
> (being scared of swarf and the snap off bit (tang?
> tine?) ending up where they shouldn't)
> "If it works for you...go with it" they say
> and where did 911 come from?  did i miss something
> (again)
> Mike
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