Cams for 10V Hydr. I5 N/A motors

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<< Also, a show what kind of interest there would be in getting Elgin to
 provide a lower priced alternative to the Shrick series of Cams.  I've been
 able to locate and have Elgin grind an appropriate cam for under $250 incl.
 solid lifter core and shipping.  Elgin produces good quality work and could
 come up with some nice grinds for mild street and other performance needs if
 there is sufficient demand. 

Hey  ya- 
My cam is currently on it's way to Elgin to get reground for the GT - so far, 
I'm out 195$ (including regrinding, but not shipping back.)  Not too shabby.  
An extra head I bought for 30$, and I'll have it milled and cleaned for about 
115 or so.  Cheap head work is great.  If you'd like to see the cam and stuff 
going on my GT before you get yours done, let me know - I believe that I'm 
not too far from you, Ben.  Also,  I'd be happy to share the results with the 
rest of the list.

Carter J
Kwattro at

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