vac. leaks . . . yeah, I got some

Dave Aukerman aukdav at
Thu Aug 24 21:35:50 EDT 2000

Those that have responded to my stumble/stall/hard start problem, thanks.
All replies have caused me to do a great deal of checking.  What I found
surprises me that the car ran at all.

While taking the IC off the car to check for leaks at the turbo to IC hose
(D. Lawson), I noticed the air boot to turbo pipe was not seated in the
turbo hose.  Can we say leak? You betcha.

Soooo, with the IC off I thought, lets clean that sucker.  Good choice as I
found a one inch crack on the far end tank.(L. Leung) Water is a -great- way
of finding a leak.  My thought is to mix up a bit of two part epoxy and seal
the crack and while I'm at it I may just coat the entire seam of both end

However, does anyone have a source for the single pass IC end tanks?  Don't
care if plastic or alum.  I know the core is the same between both ic's but
I don't find a part # for the end tanks themselves.  As I said if anyone has
a source, pleas drop me a line.

Thanks again.


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