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>  Man, I would die for something like that on the audifans site! It is
>  awesome.
>  Paul Meyers
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>  For an awesome example of this (due to users amazing commitment) check 
>  out:

Some of us have been doing this kind of thing for a while, now.  Examples off 
the top of my head (and there are many others, these were the first to come 
to mind):

Huw Powell's site, lots on the '80's coupe GT

Jimmy Pribble and Darin Nederhoff' sites on the urS4/6 and other S models  and

Scott Mockry's turbo audi lexicon:

My 200q20v site:

Eric Renneisen's '90 and '91 20-valve coupe and 90 sedan pages at:

Brandon Hull's Ersatz S2 pages at:

and many more.  Lots more info here than on that porsche page, just not 
organized into one central area, and not very interconnected.
Other suggested pages?
chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller at

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