Unka Bart gatorojo at
Fri Aug 25 09:38:24 EDT 2000

Hi Mike,

>To dear ole Unka Bart,
>You interested in some crabs?  My treat.  Virginia Beach near the USMC
>Amphibious Assault Base?  Mid September?

Are you talking about Little Creek?  If you are, the answer is still going
to have to be, "Thanks, but no can do."  And amigo, you have no *idea* how
much it pains me to say that!!!  The idea of passing on Free Food, much
less, Free *Crabs*, is enough to make me ill, but time and circumstances
conspire against us.

But if you find yourself down this way in Sunny (how about 95 F today)
Pensacola, the latch-string is out for you (or any other listers).  Plenty
of great sea-food here, too...

But I sure do appreciate the offer, Mike!!!  You're a prince!

>Write when you find work.

That'll be cold day in hell.  Shoot, that'll be a cold day in Pensacola.  I
am happily and gainfully unemployed, and have every intention of staying

Work... (shudder...)

yer kindly ol' Unka whatizface

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