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Hi Mike,
If you don't know really when or if the belt's ever been changed, I think
I'd make doing it an important priority. !   As far as changing the belt
itself, the_most_difficult parts I think do revolve around the crankshaft
damper / pulley bolt.  If memory is still working, I believe its a 27mm.
There isn't much room down there, but the 1st problem is preventing the
engine from moving when you try to remove the bolt.  There is a special Audi
tool for this which fits inside the damper and holds the engine still.

I don't have the tool (I probably will get it), I did it by removing the
starter and bolting in its place a specially made flywheel piece that holds
the flywheel securly.  This is a pain in the you know what, but that
crankshaft bolt is seriously tight.  I mean obscenely tight. This also
becomes a problem in reverse when you have to reassemble and torque the bolt
to the correct spec.  I don't remember offhand what the value is and its
only valid when using the proper Audi tool !  (You may / should get a proper
manual to refer to all the specifics).  The other issue is  disturbing the
pump. If I recall, the pump doubles as the belt tensioner. It must be moved
in order to remove / install the belt.

The issue is this: (as you will find) It is so much effort  to do all the
work to change the belt, most folks will spend the extra money and time for
the piece of mind knowing that the pump won't leak. God forbid you want to
do this twice.  I can't argue with this idea because really I agree with it.
!!   I only found out how "problematic" the pumps were to leaking after I
had already done this. Ignorance is bliss. I remember looking at it the
first time I had it all apart and thought, " gee, what turkey designed this!
I had better be_really_careful..."            After the first success, I
figured I could do it again.  But the next belt I do however will
deffinately get a new pump. !    Good luck
Joel 87 500TQ, 90 200TQ wreck, 91 200TQA20v, 79 323i
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> Joel,
> Ahhhh, a refreshing dose of reality.
> I, too, belong to the "if it ain't broke, why fix it?"
> club.
> Please tell me, if you will, how complicated is it to
> replace the timing belt. I have read a lot of "the sky
> is falling" type of responses on the list, but I would
> like your side of the story.
> Does it really require the special tool for the
> crankshaft bolt?
> I have an '89 100q and have no idea when the belt was
> last replaced. Bought it on Yahoo auctions, hell of a
> deal. After fixing a few minor things, it seems pretty
> solid.
> Thanks,
> Mike
> --- Stetina <stetina at easy-pages.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > > Everyone,
> > > I guess I have an odd exception.  My 87 5000TQ has
> > about 226,000 miles.  I
> > > have personally done the timing belt twice
> > (124,000 and 186,000).  I
> > > have_never_changed my water pump and all I can say
> > is it still works fine
> > > and doesn't leak.  !!!!   I moved it as little as
> > absolutely necessary
> > each
> > > time I've done the work and I feel this technique
> > has obviously worked
> > very
> > > (well for me anyway).
> > >
> > > One can't imagine that the actual "pump" is worn
> > out in 62,000 miles !  Is
> > > this an Audi or a Ford Excrement, ah excuse me, I
> > mean Escort.
> > > Joel 87 5000Tq, 90 200TQ wreck, 91 200TQA20v, 79
> > 323i
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