urS4 upgrade

Freed, David (Exchange) dfreed at bear.com
Fri Aug 25 10:03:01 EDT 2000

Well, I did it.  The MTM chip upgrade for my '93 S4 just arrived from
Anderson Motorsports.  Good deal due to group purchase from S Cars website.
The results are outstanding.  The car always accelerated quickly but there
seemed to be something missing.  Too narrow of a power band and too
susceptible to whether the turbo was spooled up.  Quick ... But ...  I can
now say there is no "but" left in describing the acceleration.  The power
band is MUCH wider and flatter (as well as more power).  More instantaneous
too.  No excuses, just true Audi type strong constant pull.  I recommend it
highly to anyone considering this option.  Total agreement with Jimmy
Pribble at http://www.urs4.com/UrS4_main.htm .  This is also a good place to
look when you want a description of how to remove the computer from under
the passenger's floor board.  My wife (who drives this car most of the time)
says it is no longer quick but it's a rocket.  She's mad at me for doing
this because now she's going to have a hard time keeping it within the speed
limit.  Even 4th gear pulls solidly from 80 to 120.  This is not to start a
debate as to who's chip upgrade is better, only to say any good chip makes a
big difference in how satisfying the car can be.  

Dave Freed '93 S4 (w/ MTM upgrade)

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