1988 90q trim question

Smith, Kirby A kirby.a.smith at lmco.com
Fri Aug 25 21:45:39 EDT 2000

Folks, I need your help identifying a trim piece I need to replace in my
1988 90q 3/88 build date.  The piece is the right-hand A-pillar inside trim,
with a molded part number of 893 867 232.  It also has the characters 1-4115
MOL.  My piece is a Champaign-ish quasi-white color and leatherette. 

Langan Motors finds in their ETKA that two colors are listed that are
identified by their association with trim codes, neither name of which is
obviously mine.  Unfortunately, my car doesn't have the trim code sticker in
the trunk anymore, nor does my wife's 90q.  I've never noticed a 90q with
any other color than this whitish or Champaign color.  I suspect the ETKA
may include a color not shipped to the US.

My question is, would a few of youall with 1988 90qs report to me your trim
code and what color seat leather you have and what color you guess the A
pillar is.

Thanks in advance


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