causes for a non-functioning FV???(4ktq)

Marc Swanson mswanson at
Tue Aug 29 11:27:43 EDT 2000

> I'd double and triple check pin 9 is staying at 0V with the
> igntion on.

yes.  Pin 9 stays at 0 (and I also shoved an extra ground wire in there just
for fun).  Still no duty cycle.

> Do all of the other output checks work?  Decel valve, carbon
> canister solenoid?

I don't believe there is an output check for the Decel Valve (I have both
that and the carbon canister normally disconnected), but the check for the
carbon canister passed just fine when I plugged it in.... (Along with the

Another note,

I checked for ground at the ignition booster and there really wasn't any at
all... I didn't realize that the two sides of the bracket (on either side of
the coil) don't actually touch... and I have only one nut holding it to the
firewall.  So I ran a separate ground strap to one of the screws that hold
the booster to the bracket... now it has a good ground but still no FV
operation :(  What gives!!!????!!!

Getting frustrated here....


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