Just introducing myself

Jens jimknopf at bigfoot.com
Mon Aug 28 03:37:01 EDT 2000

Hi there everyone!
I am a new subscriber to the quattrolist. Since this is my first (and
only till now) mailinglist I am a subscriber to, I hope I will not make
to many things that let me look like a greenhorn ;)

So, if you are interested, some personal stuff:
23years, living in Germany, driving an '90 Audi 100 Type44 2.3e Sport
and hoping to restore a 2-door '81 Audi 100 Type43. 
My favourite Audis are big and have 5 or 8 cylinders, simple as that ;)
But, honestly, I love (nearly) all Audis.

If you want more input, to judge how Audi-crazy I am, I invite you to my
I have heard some of you have already been there and reading the
Talladega page. 
Thanks for that!

So, looking forward to a great time with you!

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